News Opportunity In His Free Time, This Truck Driver Takes to the Skies

In His Free Time, This Truck Driver Takes to the Skies

When Matt Barrett isn’t hitting the pavement in his Walmart big rig, he’s flying sky high!

Hot air balloon in park

Matt’s favorite pastime is operating a hot air balloon, a hobby he started several years ago alongside his wife, Jessica.

How does a truck driver decide to take his navigating skills to the skies? We caught up with Matt to learn more.

Logistics driver associate in front of truck

Q: How long have you been a truck driver?
A: I started driving trucks more than 17 years ago. When I heard that Walmart was a good trucking company to work for, I started looking here. It was tough to get on at first because the truck drivers never want to leave! I was originally hired in the St. James, Missouri, area but was eventually transferred to Bentonville. I was really excited about the move because I could be much closer to home. I’ve been driving for Walmart for almost 10 years now.

Q: What is your job like on a day-to-day basis?
A: I drive for both Walmart and Sam’s Club, but my route varies. My schedule is consistent, though, which I really like. I drive for six days and then am home for two days.

Hot air balloon in park

Q: Tell us about your first experience with a hot-air balloon.
A: One day my wife asked me if I wanted to go to a glow, an event where several hot air balloons inflate after dark and burners are ignited periodically to make the balloons look like huge light bulbs. I went to the event and was hooked. I bought my first balloon and got my pilot’s license just a few months later.

Q: Can you share more about the process of flying?
A: Here are the answers to the questions I get most from people:

Is the balloon lightweight? No, not at all. The hot air balloon weighs more than 700 pounds.

How many people does it take to operate a balloon? I usually have a crew of three: my wife, Jessica, my son, Luis, and me. And I couldn’t do it without their help. They help me get the balloon ready, and when I get in the air they have to load the equipment up and start following the balloon in our truck.

How do you ensure a balloon is working properly? Each balloon has to be inspected every year or every 100 hours of airtime, whichever comes first.

Hot air balloon in park

Q: What’s your favorite part of flying a hot air balloon?
A: I love giving rides to people who have never done it before. It’s the best feeling when they say riding in a hot air balloon was on their bucket list. How cool is it that I helped someone do something they’ve always wanted to do?