News Opportunity A TV Host with an Associate Passion

A TV Host with an Associate Passion

Imagine your first day of work at a brand new company. You probably didn’t know where anything was, or who could answer certain questions. Now, imagine that first day being at the world’s largest retailer. That’s quite a bit to take in.

A male associate and a female associate stand on the set as they host the Walmart Today TV Show

It helps to have a friendly face show you the ropes and offer support as you settle into your new job. At Walmart, we provide that support through Welcome to Walmart, an orientation program hosted by associates who are interested in the company and love helping others.

That’s where I come in. With the last name Peoples, it’s kind of fitting that people are my passion – especially when they’re my coworkers. I’ve been a culture ambassador for Welcome to Walmart for two years now (and a Walmart associate for four and a half). I feel like I’m giving back, but it also gives me an opportunity to meet people who may someday represent the future of the company.

Being an ambassador isn’t my full-time job or my only volunteer project. My actual role is senior business development manager in the Walmart services division. That’s a fancy way of saying that I get to work on projects like Walmart Pay, Walmart MoneyCenter and front-of-store services like salons and restaurants. Most recently, I’ve also been volunteering as co-host of the Walmart Today associate show.

When I heard that an associate-focused series was in the works – I wanted to be part of it. I had hosted a few large meetings in the past, but nothing to the scale of an actual broadcast production. It seemed like a great match for my experience and passion, so I decided to audition. I was thrilled to be chosen as one of the hosts.

You may have noticed that the name of the show is the same as this blog. That was on purpose. The Walmart Today banner represents not only a destination for new and fresh stories from the world’s largest retailer, but also a source for understanding how what’s happening today is shaping Walmart’s future. The show was created as an expansion of this brand to touch our associates – celebrate and appreciate them – as well as keep them updated on hot topics and allow them to hear directly from our leadership.

The way I see it, the Walmart Today series is a great opportunity to reach our associates in a way we never have before. It feels great to be a part of that. I hope you’ll check it out and get to know a little more about Walmart and our associates.