News Opportunity A Foot in the Door to a Full-Time Career

A Foot in the Door to a Full-Time Career

Associate Arnella Cainglit At Work

It’s technically the last few days of summer, but in retail, ’tis the season for seasonal hiring. Like many businesses, Walmart counts on having additional associates to help customers throughout the busy months of the holidays. This year, in fact, we’re looking to hire 60,000.

Some of these associates are simply seeking out extra cash, but many of them happen to find a way in to a long-term career. In 2014, 55% of Walmart’s seasonal hires stayed on in a permanent role, and overall, more than 200 current store managers started as temporary associates. Here’s a look at a handful of associates whose careers started this same way.

Arnella Cainglit, Invoicing Clerk – Mililani, Hawaii

“My husband was working at Walmart, so I decided to apply. I started as a temp in the jewelry department in November 1998 — just before Christmas. After the holiday, I was offered a cashier position, and then I worked in layaway as well before ending up in invoicing. …  I have the opportunity to learn something new every day. There are a lot of people who have been here as long as me, and we’ve seen each other’s kids grow up and gone through many things together. It’s like a family. We all pull together, and that’s a really good feeling.”

Sherry Reis, Operational Zone Supervisor – Montoursville, Pennsylvania

“I started at [my] store in 1996 as a temporary cashier, and it wasn’t long before I went to the courtesy desk and began training there. … The ability for me to adapt my scheduling [for my children] and still be promoted is an excellent quality within this company. I didn’t necessarily have to work 9 to 5 to be considered for promotions. As my children grew, I could grow.” 

Nicole Sanborn, Store Manager – Nashville, Tennessee

“When I was 18, I took a temporary job at Walmart for extra cash. Eleven years later, I’ve gained so much more: a challenging, satisfying career. I had no idea that my time making cakes in a supercenter bakery would set me up for the chance to be store manager. But my seemingly small choice indeed led to something bigger, and I love to tell people about the opportunity and personal growth I’ve experienced.”

Edwin Otieno, Store Manager – Greensboro, North Carolina

“In 2002, I was hired as a temporary associate to assist in a remodel at a store. Shortly after, I was hired in a permanent position inside the store. … I always asked questions about how I could get better and get promoted. I was always hungry for success.” 

Stacy Nickerson, Store Manager – Billings, Montana
“I started working for Walmart as a temporary cashier during the holidays of 1996. I was a college student in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, and my mom told me to get a job,” Stacy remembers. Walmart hired her full-time in March 1997 and Stacy worked throughout the store until 2000, when she was asked to consider the training program. Since then, she’s worked as assistant manager, co-manager, market grocery manager and now store manager. Her brother, Kyle, followed in her footsteps, too, starting as an hourly associate and working his way up to co-manager at a store in Ponderay, Idaho.

Anthony Goy, Assistant Manager – Round Lake Beach, Illinois
“I was a bartender, but I needed something more solid. I love working with people, and I figured what’s better than a retail store? In 2009, I joined Walmart as a temporary associate in the garden center, and now I’m in management. The CEO started an hourly associate, so the sky is the limit. If you’re a people person, Walmart is the place to be.”

Carol Todd, Fitting Room Operator – Troy, Missouri
“I came to work at Walmart one Christmas after my daughter was born to earn a little extra money, and here I am 40 years later! I count myself lucky to have worked for the company when Sam Walton was leading us. I took his beliefs in putting the customer first to heart. People feel comfortable asking my opinion or asking me for help.”