News Opportunity Known as ‘Miss Walmart,’ Rene Has a Personality That Reigns

Known as ‘Miss Walmart,’ Rene Has a Personality That Reigns

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When Rene Watson-Long interviewed for a job at Walmart, she was looking for a fresh start in life. Through hard work, she has met one goal after the next, creating for herself a successful long-term career.

Starting 13 years ago in layaway and receiving several promotions since, today Rene is a customer service associate at a supercenter in the Ledbetter area of Dallas. But to her coworkers and many local customers, her title is better known as “Miss Walmart.”

Always thinking of others, Rene took her current store’s grand opening one year ago as an opportunity to go door-to-door and ask what potential customers wanted and needed. She applies that service-oriented spirit outside of work, too: She is a longtime volunteer and donation organizer for a handful of community organizations.

“You can’t have a bad day with Rene,” her store manager, Cory Russell, says in this video. Watch and see why this fired-up associate inspires almost everyone she meets.