News Opportunity For Growth and Balance, Arnella’s Walmart Job Fits the Bill

For Growth and Balance, Arnella’s Walmart Job Fits the Bill

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Editor’s note: More than 2.2 million associates bring our stores and clubs to life every day. Sparking Conversation is a series where we get to know these individuals. Arnella Cainglit is an invoicing clerk at Walmart store #2126 in Mililani, Hawaii, where she balances monthly journals, handles accounts receivable and payable, processes paperwork, and resolves invoice discrepancies in a timely manner.

Why did you choose Walmart, and how did you get started here?
My husband was working at Walmart, so I decided to apply. I started as a temp in the jewelry department in November 1998 — just before Christmas. After the holiday, I was offered a cashier position, and then I worked in layaway as well before ending up in invoicing.

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Have you and your husband ever worked alongside one another?
No, he is the electronics department manager, so we don’t really cross paths. Also, during most of his time with Walmart, he has worked nights.

So, you two are on opposite schedules? How did that work? Yes, my husband worked nights and I worked days for a number of years. This allowed us to save money on childcare and always have a parent at home. Walmart has been good to us. They accommodate our schedules for time with our children and our grandson, and overall they are very family-oriented.

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Has your career given you or your family any unique opportunities?
We did move to Maui to open the first store (#3290) there. While we were there I moved to the invoicing department, which I still work in now that we are back in the Mililani store. Last year, I was selected as one of six associates from Hawaii to go to the [Walmart annual] Shareholders Meeting. That was an awesome experience! We were in dorms with associates from Africa, and got to trade pins with them. I loved all of the excitement in Bud Walton Arena and the concert with Jason Aldean.

Do you have any words for other associates?
When I first came to the invoicing department, it was a bit overwhelming. But, I got used to it and now I have the opportunity to learn something new every day. There are a lot of people who have been here as long as me, and we’ve seen each other’s kids grow up and gone through many things together. It’s like a family. We all pull together, and that’s a really good feeling.

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