Oh Happy Day! Let Callie Lift Your Spirits with Song

By Rhonda Rathje
December 29, 2014
Callie's Real Walmart Story Thumbnail

If you’re picking up a prescription at a Supercenter in Lexington, Kentucky, you might just go home on an extra pleasant note. That is, if you stop by when Callie Day is working – a pharmacy associate who always has a song in her step.

Outside of Walmart, Callie is a doctoral student in vocal performance at the University of Kentucky and travels the world as a member of the American Spiritual Ensemble. When she’s on the clock, she’s singing to nearly everyone she comes across, and some customers enjoy it so much they’ve been known to wait until she’s working to come in and shop.

Watch as her customers and managers explain why she’s a joy to be around – and how her creative service has actually increased business at her pharmacy.