News Opportunity How Retail Became My Rewarding Career

How Retail Became My Rewarding Career

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Sixteen years ago, I started at Walmart as a cashier. At the time, I was going to college, working toward a degree in criminal justice. While I did end up following my college plan – to graduate – what came as a bit of a surprise was my career path: I’ve stayed at Walmart and have been promoted further and further ever since.

A little over a year ago, I was honored to share my story in this video. Today, I’m privileged to say I’ve moved up once again. I’ve advanced from store manager to a training program in the corporate office called Transitioning of Talent to Merchandising. Given the opportunities I’ve uncovered since my first day in 1998, it’s exciting to know that anything could be next.

Any good job will bring you growth and stability, but my career in retail has brought me even more. There are the small things, like enjoying my very first airplane flight because of a work trip, and then there are the big ones, like being the difference in someone’s life on any regular day. From my time at the checkout counter to later on the sales floor, I’ve loved finding ways to make shopping easier and more enjoyable – and I enjoy seeing faces light up because someone simply cared.

By learning as much as I can about helping people get what they need and want, I have exactly what I need and want, too: not just a paycheck that makes a good life for me, my husband and daughter, but the possibility that tomorrow can be even better.