News Opportunity Picking Up a New Career Path with Walmart To Go

Picking Up a New Career Path with Walmart To Go

Sarah Fischer with Doug McMillon

Shopping online for groceries, and then visiting a drive-thru to pick them up? Eleven years ago, that’s an offering I wouldn’t have imagined. That’s when I joined Walmart stocking shelves in our automotive center. At the time, I also didn’t envision that I would be the one who would eventually oversee an online grocery shopping program for 29 stores.

Managing an automotive area and a grocery service might seem like unrelated fields – but because they’re both all about fast, efficient, quality customer service, I believe my early experiences set me up for the future. After stocking shelves, I served as a technician and as a bay supervisor before becoming an assistant store manager. And this year, I became the operations support manager for Walmart To Go in Denver – overseeing one of Walmart’s most innovative pilot programs for grocery home delivery and store pickup.

Sarah Fischer with Greg Foran

Now I’m taking one of my favorite things about my job – making customers happy – and doing it in a new and exciting way. Since I became involved with Walmart To Go, I’ve received countless phone calls from customers who want to thank Walmart for a service that helps make their lives a little easier.

In fact, just recently, a 92-year-old customer called to tell me thanks for bringing the excitement of shopping back into her life. She’s been a Walmart customer for years, and her favorite activity was coming to the store each week to shop. Eventually, her health prevented her from shopping and even visiting the store to sit and socialize. But now that she has access to Walmart To Go, she can still browse her favorite products and have them delivered whenever she wants.

Interactions like this, combined with the opportunity to pioneer a completely new program for Walmart in the U.S., make my role much more than a job. I have a career with unlimited possibilities. It’s a little crazy to think that one year ago, the service my team is offering hadn’t been created yet. Delivering customer service through innovation is blazing a new path for careers at Walmart, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.