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Proud to Serve, from the Navy to Walmart

Denise Pollock Blog Lead

At the age of 10, I was belting out lyrics from the Marine Corps’ Halls of Montezuma, at 20 the tune changed to the Navy Hymn for my boot camp graduation, and years later I’m championing the Walmart Cheer.  After doing some self-reflection and wondering how I got here, it comes down to a handful of beliefs for me: family, service, sacrifice, opportunity, commitment and passion. 

When I had the opportunity to join the Navy and leave small town America for the world of unknown, I jumped at the chance. I trained as a jet engine mechanic and I loved it! There is nothing that screams freedom more than the sound of jets and fighters roaring overhead, the smell of jet exhaust, or watching that last plane arrive home safely. The 11 years spent with my Navy family are full of pride, admiration and a lifetime of memories.

I have to say, when I left the public sector, I had concerns about finding another career that would drive my interest. Then along came Walmart. I wanted to ensure my values aligned with Walmart’s culture, and the fit was amazing.  Opportunities were limitless. A new family awaited me with open arms, teaching new skills and allowing me to find yet another career to drive me. 

Nine years ago, I began as an hourly associate within our Global Security, Aviation, and Travel Department in Bentonville, Arkansas. With encouragement from my Walmart family, my new skills helped me into the ranks of management and eventually to our office in San Bruno, California, working among the brightest and best at our eCommerce hub. 

I’m proud to be a veteran! I’m proud to be a Walmart associate! What could make me prouder? A family who also serves: my husband is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer; my daughter is an associate at Sam’s Club 4754 in Fayetteville, Arkansas; and my son is a U.S. Army SPC on military leave from Sam’s Club 4969 in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Walmart experience and military experience are a perfect match for me, and my family at home.