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We Are A Customer Company First

Dacona Smith Dallas Talent Center

Consumers’ behaviors and expectations of retailers are changing, and we’re working to develop new ways to meet their new needs. To serve today’s customer, we need to focus on low prices and delivering a broad assortment of merchandise, as well as providing a convenient and a seamless shopping experience. This begins with the associates working in our stores.

That’s why we’ve created a new, innovative way to hire and train new associates at one centralized location for the more than 120 stores across Dallas/Fort Worth. Last week, Walmart opened the first ever Talent Center in Irving, Texas, where we’ll focus on hiring and training for four key store positions: cashiers, stockers, backroom associates and cart pushers. The Talent Center will provide new associates with hands-on training that will equip them with the knowledge and expertise before they even step food on the sales floor.

All of the associates hired at the Talent Center will be trained to think about how to serve our customers better in every aspect of their job. I myself began my career 23 years ago in some of these key positions and learned very early on the importance being customer focused and giving people what they need. After all, we’ve always been a customer company and finding solutions to our customers’ unmet needs is what we do best.

As a cart pusher, I worked to keep the parking lot clean for our customers because a clean parking lot told our customers the store was clean and friendly. When I worked as a backroom associate, I worked hard to unload trucks and get merchandise on the sales floor quickly so our customers could find what they needed on our shelves. These are the same things we will continue to train our associates to do, but also to encourage them to go beyond the everyday job duties to ensure our customers have that convenient and seamless shopping experience in each of our stores.

Because of Walmart’s culture and core beliefs, we are able to hire great people – people who stand for the same things our company stands for. I continue to be proud to work for a company that invests in its employees to make sure every associate has the opportunity to be the very best.