News Opportunity Ohio Walmart Family Celebrates 86 Years of Employment

Ohio Walmart Family Celebrates 86 Years of Employment

After almost 30 years, Walmart associate Mary Schneider is retiring from store 1495 in Huber Heights, Ohio. On her last day, we asked her to write about her experience at Walmart.

Family has always been the most important thing in my life. When I first began my career, I looked for a company that cared about its employees and made you feel like a family. That’s why I chose to work at Walmart nearly 30 years ago. Throughout my career in Huber Heights, Ohio, the associates in my store have become my family and the store has become my home away from home back in Missouri. I call them my kids and they call me “Ma.”  I consider the 300 other associates at my store to be my extended family.

One of the things I like about Walmart is that if something happens in your life, and you move, you can almost always transfer from state-to-state, and that’s what I did. I was able to transfer to my store in Ohio from Missouri, which gave me a place where there already was a strong sense of family. My store gave me back the brothers and sisters I left when I moved from Missouri.

Over the years, my three daughters showed interest in working for Walmart and followed in their mother’s footsteps. My girls, Kari, Shari, and Michelle, have each been with the company for 21, 20 and 16 years, respectively. During my tenure with the company, the four of us have a combined 86 years of service at our store!

Their families have grown because of the store, and not just through the associates they work with. Kari, Shari and Michelle all met their husbands while working in the store, and the flexibility of their schedules gives them the time and support to be mothers to their children.

In retirement, I plan to travel – I want to get more “out and about” while I’m still mobile, and you can count on me visiting when I can and continuing to meet and spend time with the associates I know and love -- three special ones in particular.

I may be retiring from Walmart, but, as the last 29 years can attest to, you never stop wanting to see your Walmart family.    

-       Mary Schneider, Huber Heights, store 1495