News Life #FiveThingsFriday: Shining a Light on the Future

#FiveThingsFriday: Shining a Light on the Future

#ICYMI: We’re going green for veterans, the makeup aisle just got a burst of color, and CEO Doug McMillon discusses the Walmart of tomorrow. Also in future news? Chase Pay users will soon enjoy a new integration with Walmart Pay.

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Put on Your Greenlight

If you were watching this week’s Country Music Association Awards, you saw the room go green in support of our veterans. Why? Greenlight A Vet, a way we’re working to help create visible recognition of the hard work and sacrifice these men and women have given for their country. You can play a part as well: Pick up a green light bulb for your home or visit the website for other ways you can show your support.

Walmart Pay? Chase Pay? Easy Pay.

We know you’re already out there shopping up a storm and using Walmart Pay while you’re doing it. We’ll soon add another feature to make paying even easier: Next year, Chase Pay will be added to the Walmart Pay feature of the Walmart App.

A Rainbow Connection

Do you remember those adorable troll dolls from way back? They’re returning in a big way this fall: There’s a new movie, appropriately titled “Trolls,” and there’s also a makeup line from Hard Candy inspired by the movie. The Hard Candy x Trolls line is exclusively available at Walmart starting this month. Everything is about $8, and you’ve got everything from tie-dye lipstick to hair chalk.

In the Year 2025

Doug McMillon spoke at today’s Net Impact Conference, where he delivered updated global sustainability commitments for the company. His speech was a sequel of sorts to former Walmart CEO Lee Scott’s 21st Century Leadership speech where our original sustainability goals were outlined. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the last 10 years but it’s even more exciting to see where we can be in the future. And it’s not just about environmental sustainability; he also talked about Walmart’s role in providing opportunity and serving communities.

Academies Across America

I mentioned a Walmart Training Academy grand opening in one of our first #FiveThingsFriday posts. Would you believe that we opened four academies just this week? Well, we did and we have plenty more coming on our way to having 200 training academies open in the U.S. by the end of 2017. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of academy graduations and let me tell you, they are inspirational events. To hear associates who previously talked about how they weren’t sure where they could go with Walmart now say that they’re planning on entering the assistant manager training program? It doesn’t get any better than that.