News Life #FiveThingsFriday: What’s Red, Green and Yellow All Over?

#FiveThingsFriday: What’s Red, Green and Yellow All Over?

ICYMI: It’s almost Halloween, which means we’re all systems go for the holiday season that follows. Read on about what you’ll see in stores, plus a simpler way to recycle, a new way to get groceries in China and more.

Toyland Section of Walmart

Happy to Help With the Holidays
Most see red and green when they think about the holiday season, but get ready to see YELLOW. Walmart Holiday Helpers are coming to your local stores to make your shopping experience easier. These yellow-vested elves will be there to show you the shortest checkout line or even run and grab something you forgot. I hear some may even have stickers and candy canes. We’re also adding a department manager to Walmart Pickup to help customers get their goodies they order online and have shipped to the store in a speedy fashion. Also in holiday news? Our exclusive Sugar Cookie flavored Pringles. That is all.

Paper or Plastic – or Simpler Recycling?
According to our research, 90% of customers want to recycle, but 67% said it would be easier to do so if instructions were on the label. At our annual Sustainable Packaging Summit this week, we shared plans to include “How2Recycle” labels on our private brand products. How2Recycle is a labeling system created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition that clearly communicates recycling info.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Grocery Delivery!
Walmart China is investing $50 million in New Dada, China's largest online grocery and logistics company. In related news, we’ll soon begin offering two-hour grocery delivery service to Chinese customers living within a certain distance of 20 stores!

Scan, Pay, Be On Your Way
This summer, Walmart Pay became available in all our stores. Have you given it a try? Daniel Eckert, senior vice president Walmart services, was in Las Vegas this week to talk more about Walmart Pay at the Money 20/20 conference.

A Belated Baby Shower
Remember the Utah customer who recently had her baby at the register in one of our stores? She and baby Matias were back in our Payson store for a baby shower and a proper welcome to the Walmart world.