News Life #FiveThingsFriday: A Benevolent Birthday, a Peculiar New Product and the Future of Shopping

#FiveThingsFriday: A Benevolent Birthday, a Peculiar New Product and the Future of Shopping

ICYMI: A 7-year-old’s special celebration, an unusual new foray into U.S. manufacturing, talking trends in online and offline shopping, and an awesome recognition for our CIO. Also, can the Pioneer Woman’s cookware take the heat? Find out in our weekly roundup.

A female customer interacting with a male associate at Pickup

Birthday Party on Aisle 12
Madalyyn Neff is one of the coolest second graders around. Not only did she host her seventh birthday party in one of our stores, but she collected 1,000 pounds of food for the Church of Christ at Mountain View’s food pantry in the process. This is the second year in a row Madalyyn has asked for donations to the pantry instead of gifts. Big thanks to her friends and Walmart shoppers that donated food items. Happy birthday, Madalyyn!

A New Seat at the Table for U.S. Manufacturing
Getting your product on Walmart shelves is a big deal for an entrepreneur. And health is important, so for Bobby Edwards and the Squatty Potty, this is a banner week. I can’t really do this product justice with my layman’s description, so read this story or watch this video. Unicorns!

Clap Your Hands for These Pots and Pans
For a while now, the Pioneer Woman – aka Food Network star Ree Drummond – has been cooking up more than just great recipes. Her line of colorful kitchen, cooking and dinnerware products launched last year at Walmart, and late last month, Consumer Reports gave her turquoise enameled cookware set a test. The verdict? They aren’t just pretty – but pretty good at performing, too.

What’s in Store for Stores … and Beyond
It’s hard to imagine life without the internet. Having information – not to mention cute cat videos – at our fingertips is something many of us take for granted. When it comes to shopping, there’s no doubt about the internet’s influence, but what does the future look like? Buying things online and picking them up in stores is one trend. Find out the rest in this new-era exploration from Forbes.

A New Titleholder in Technology
Finally this week, a hearty congratulations to Karenann Terrell, Walmart’s chief information officer. Last week, she picked up the Fisher-Hopper Prize. What’s that mean? The Fisher-Hopper Prize for Lifetime Achievement in CIO Leadership recognizes CIO leadership excellence in information and technology management. Karenann was nominated along with CIO’s from Intel, Deutsche Bank, and Home Depot. Congrats, Karenann!