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3 Ways to Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Love calls for a celebration! Each year, Feb. 14 — better known as Valentine’s Day — gives us the opportunity to tell our loved ones just how much they mean. However you choose to spend the day — alone with your significant other, hosting a party for your kids, or together as a family — take to heart these ideas for a fun and easy holiday.

Couple Making Sparkler Heart

Enjoying the evening with your better half? Make it special with these ideas for a romantic evening.

Cook a delicious dinner.
Everyday favorites are great for busy weekdays, but special occasions — and special people — call for dishes with a bit more flair. Cook up a savory Rosemary Tenderloin with an Arugula Salad, or choose Mussels Steamed in White Wine for a lighter option.

Don’t forget dessert.
Go ahead and indulge! This Rich Chocolate Mousse has a hint of coffee, which adds a bit of bold flavor to the silky treat. You might also give truffles a try – shop your local Walmart’s seasonal aisle for kits that make it easy.

Truffles with Cup and Saucer

Give a personalized gift.
Presents such as a personalized pocketknife or a decorative frame show you put thought and effort into finding a gift that’s customized to your sweetheart’s liking. Find more personalized gift ideas here

If you’re hosting a get-together for the neighborhood kids or your child’s classroom, try one of these these easy-to-create ideas.

Make mini treats for little hands.
Use a small, heart-shaped mold to bake one-bite brownies or tiny cakes. Decorate them like conversation hearts, and kids will enjoy picking – and giving – the perfect message.

Create DIY Valentine’s Day cards.
We all know the most-treasured cards are handmade. Give your child free reign to come up with his or her own design or follow the steps to recreate this lovable “Owl Be Your Valentine” card from Walmart Mom blog Hoosier Homemade.

Owl Valentine cards

Hand out heart-themed favor bags.
Find inspiration for your own treat bags with the steps in this post, which offers ideas for dressing up your favorite candy bars. Have a little extra time? Dip and drizzle strawberries and pretzels with colored candy melts.

It’s true what they say, “the more, the merrier.” Use these ideas for a Valentine’s night at home with your clan.

Cook a meal that is a family favorite.
Whether it’s mom’s famous spaghetti, a pizza with everyone’s favorite toppings, or a new, soon-to-be-loved dish (try these Chile-Chicken Enchiladas) indulge your family with a meal that’s sure to make them smile. Or, if you’ve got a busy evening, start the day with a special breakfast: Walmart has Valentine toast stamps and pink pancake mixes that add an adorable touch.

Family Pizza Time

Get your game face on.
There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to bring the family together. Choose a few board games and plan a game night for a fun—and spirited—end to the day.

Remember the moment.
In any house, it may be a rarity to have the entire group together. Check out these tips for using your smartphone to document Valentine’s Day 2015, and you’ll have a group picture worth treasuring for years to come.