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5 Ideas for a Family-Friendly New Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve can be a lot of fun, but it doesn't have to be an occasion just for grown-ups. Kids love ringing in the new year, and celebrating New Year's Eve with them can be an opportunity to let them get into the spirit!

Our family has always celebrated New Year's Eve in an inclusive manner, allowing kids to stay up until midnight (if they can make it). We enjoy some fun activities and delicious snacks, and we spend time together as a family before saying goodbye to the year. If you're looking for ideas for your own family-friendly New Year’s Eve party, consider the following ways to keep your kids and family entertained:

New Years Eve party supplies and food

1. Craft Time: DIY Kids' New Year's Eve Masks
Your children will have a blast making their own New Year's Eve masks! This fun kids’ craft is a great way to pass the time while you wait for the new year to ring in. Once you’re done helping the kids make their masks, you can have fun playing dress-up and taking photos!

New Years Eve party supplies and food

2. Creamy Quesitos for a Sweet Treat
These delicious quesitos (cheese puff pastries) are one of my childhood favorites! Filled with a sweet cream cheese mixture, quesitos are a beloved dessert in Puerto Rico. My kids love them, and they make a great party sweet to delight guests of all ages. They’re also an easy-to-make homemade treat, so you won't spend a lot of time in the kitchen, giving you more time to spend with the family!

New Years Eve party supplies and food

3. Reflect On the Past Year
A great activity for the family is to reflect on the past year, focusing on all the great moments and memories that occurred. An easy way to do this is to set up a jar where each family member can collect and submit their good moments throughout the year. Then, on New Year's Eve, take out all the memories from your jar and read them out loud for everyone to hear and remember the good that happened. 

New Years Eve party supplies and food

4. Kid-Friendly Drinks
Ever since I was a little girl, I remember drinking sparkling cider for New Year's Eve. We now do the same with our children, helping them feel like they're celebrating the occasion in a fancy way. For a twist, try adding some fresh fruit to your cider! Another kid-friendly drink idea is making a sparkling punch with your favorite juice and either ginger ale or club soda. 

New Years Eve party supplies and food

5. Fun Appetizer: Pizza Empanadas
I don't know any child who doesn't love pizza, so these pizza empanadas are perfect for serving at your family-friendly New Year's Eve party. My kids absolutely love them, and they're super easy to make! The combination of the pizza flavors with the flaky baked crust is sure to be a hit with your guests. 

How does your family celebrate on New Year's Eve? What fun family-friendly ideas can you add to this list?

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