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5 Tips for Your Best Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the December issue of Walmart World, the magazine for Walmart associates. Stacie Clawson is a cake decorator at Store 3789 in Ogden, Utah, and a three-time winner of Walmart’s annual cake-decorating contest.

Get Started
Read all instructions included in the kit, and lay out all the pieces to get an idea of what you're working with. Before breaking the gingerbread apart, go across the impression lines with a serrated knife to get a cleaner break. 

Before assembling the pieces, pipe icing on the windows and doors and add small details like swirls or dots. Then let everything dry completely. When it’s time to put the house together, make sure the scalloped patterns on rooftops are going the same direction. I've put them on upside down more than once!

Involve the Kids
Let them sort out the candy, which can include things that don’t come in the kit. My boys like to use striped gum for walkways and rooftops. Pretzels also make cute fences, and sanding sugar makes things sparkle! (Sprinkle sanding sugar on wet icing—it won’t stick on dry icing.) 

I always make extra icing so each child has his or her own sandwich baggie with a twist-tie top. Cut a little hole in the corner, and they're all set.

Smooth It Out
Dip your spatula into hot water to get the icing on the roof smooth. Don’t want to make your own icing? A little container of premade frosting from the baking aisle goes a long way. 

Stay Dry
After your gingerbread house is complete, keep it away from moisture—avoid humidifiers, dishwashers, and teakettles, for example.