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Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Seasonal gatherings often bring my friends and family together from near and far. When my loved ones come to stay, I want them to feel comfortable and well cared for. After all, my house is their house — at least for a short time. Here are some of my favorite, low-stress ideas to prep my home for the arrival of houseguests.

Memorable First Impressions
I like my home to say, “Welcome!” from the moment guests walk in—literally. I print out a message or holiday greeting on pretty patterned paper and place it in a frame to display near the door. I also add soft lighting with a lamp and glowing candles for a warm, inviting feeling.

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Seasonal Scents
I love filling my home with fragrance and always place scented candles or wax warmers (one flavor at a time, please!) around rooms where everyone gathers to create ambience and get guests in the holiday spirit. Don’t forget the bathroom and guest room, too!

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A Space of Their Own
After the hustle and bustle of travel or the merriment of holiday activities, guests appreciate a quiet, private retreat. I make the bed the focal point of the guest room — a glamorous comforter with accent pillows in plush textures will feel luxurious, and updates the room in minutes. I always keep spare blankets and pillows close at hand so guests can customize their comfort, and finish off with a throw for extra warmth.

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Beautify the Bath
A fun way to help everyone keep track of whose towel is whose in a shared bathroom is to assign everyone his or her very own color. Pamper guests – and dress up your sink counter – with elegant bath accessories filled with lotion and soap in fragrances that celebrate the holidays.

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Until Next Time
Once guests are gone, I store their clean bedding and towels in a special spot separate from my own daily linens to keep them looking new. Do the same, and you’ll be relaxed and ready the next time you welcome loved ones again.

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Got any favorite guest-hosting strategies that make your life easier? Share them in the comments section. And be sure to check back here for more tips from the teams at Better Homes and Gardens and the Walmart Blog.