Top 10 Ways to Advance Your Call of Duty Experience

By Gordon Goldstein
October 29, 2014
Call of Duty - Blog lead image

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year, and you can get it at Walmart a day early. Gear up to go to your local supercenter when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition goes on sale at 12:01 a.m. Monday, November 3, and start your week of warfare with these tips.

1. Clear your schedule of real-life duties. Let’s be honest: You’re not going anywhere for a while. A good alibi or doctor’s note is the best defense for anyone who thinks you might have a case of the Mondays.

2. Snacks power any good soldier. When you fuel up for battle with Mountain Dew and Doritos, you can unlock an exclusive custom digital COD: Advanced Warfare in-game exoskeleton.

3. You’re going to be sitting for a while, so comfort is key. Make sure you have a good chair and cozy clothes.

4. Nothing calls for a technology upgrade like a game set in 2054. Do you need a bigger TV? One with better specs? Don’t forget extra controllers, batteries or a recharge station so you can switch them out with ease.

5. Fido isn’t playing, but he still needs you. Stock up on pet food and toys to keep him busy, and everyone’s happy. (This might be a good time to invest in an automatic feeder.)

6. At some point, you’ll need to eat an actual meal, too. Fill your fridge with the best MRE (that’s Meals Ready to Eat … but you knew your military jargon, right?), frozen pizza. Takeout menus are a good resource, too.

7. Your battle won’t stop for sleep. Make sure you have plenty of energy drinks and soda.

8. Your new Facebook status? Hermit. But seriously, whether it’s through a check-in from your game system or the old-fashioned phone, contact your friends (and your mom) and let them know you won’t be reachable for a while.

9. You’re probably too pumped to believe it now, but at some point you will need to take a break. COD: Advanced Warfare includes a face-off with Jonathan Irons – aka Kevin Spacey – so stay in the zone by relaxing with these Kevin Spacey films.

10. Now that you’re getting conditioned, why not extend your tour? While at Walmart, check to see if your store offers certified pre-owned video games. Because what else are you going to do after you beat COD in a matter of days?