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5 Easy Tips for a Spook-tacular Kids' Halloween Party

Halloween party tabletop decorations

As fall tumbles into our lives and the wind starts to howl outside, these are sure signs that Halloween is in sight. I think of my own childhood Halloween festivities, and what a wonderful time it was spent with family and friends. My mom and aunt would scramble around getting the family costumes ready. We kids could always count on a fun Halloween party filled with activities and games to unleash the spirits.

My mom did such a fabulous job of decorating and really creating an atmosphere of scary whimsical fun mixed with a delightful array of sweet treats for us monsters. These are traditions I absolutely cherish and want to pass on to my son. For the past few years I have made it a point to celebrate Halloween with a small pack of children, because it is the ultimate kids' holiday. 

Here are 5 easy tips to creating a ghostly gathering.

Halloween kids party tabletop decorations

1. Setting the stage: Find an open area in your house and dedicate it to the central station of the party. Place a table against the wall of the area and dress it in a spiderweb table cover along with an orange table cover. This creates a great base for the rest of the monster plans. Then lay out a display of Halloween plates and napkins as an inviting gesture to the ghouls that may be hungry.

2. Hanging from above: Dangle spiders and ghosts from the ceiling for a whimsical atmosphere with dizzy danglers. For a more dramatic look add a few Halloween printed lanterns and that should really set a spooky scene for your guests.

Halloween kids party candycorn bags

3. Goodies for the goblins:  Give your ghoulish guests something to shriek about by disguising a tray of cookies in Jack O-Lantern bags. Play the ultimate trick or treat with candy corn dressed in a cone of the same three shades. Enjoy these treats at the party or playfully packaged as a remembrance to take home.

4. Fun and games: Bite into a round of "Donuts on a string!" Hang donuts tied by a string or ribbon from the ceiling or from a bar positioned high above. Whoever can eat the entire donut the fastest (with no hands) wins. Another great activity of fun is to have a swing at the pumpkin piñata. Use the pumpkin piñata as a centerpiece for the serving table, and towards the end of the party, let the children break it open to revel the candy sweets inside.

Halloween kids party food

5. Edibles: Scare the monsters with spooktacular boo brownies. These ghostly brownies will certainly leave your guests aghast and wanting more! Get the recipe at

Happy Halloween!