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Find the Best Gift for Mom with our Empowering Women Together Collection

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There are a million ways most of us could describe our moms. Beautiful. Loving. Generally awesome. But there are two words in particular that come to mind about my own mother: independent and empowered. My mother was a woman who worked hard, and ever since I was little, she instilled in me the value of being self-sufficient. She raised me to feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. So for Mother's Day, instead of flowers or some other random gift, I wanted to find something that honors the person she is and the values she passed on to me. Walmart's Empowering Women Together collection is the perfect way to do that.

These products are produced by women and women-owned businesses around the world. They help these women to sustain themselves and enrich their communities, often in places where there are few other opportunities to do so. They provide a livelihood for the women who make them, and that is something to celebrate. I know that my mother would appreciate any gift that helps other women, and being able to share the story behind them feels a bit like a gift in itself. And in fact, these gifts come with a bonus: Each one is signed by the artisan who made it, so you'll know her name.

In this collection, you can find a ton of options for any woman on your list, from beautifully designed mugs and cups to pretty printed aprons and infinity scarves. Then package them all in a gorgeous gift bag to match and top it off with a greeting card that tells mom how you feel.

These are the type of gifts you can feel great about giving. And for the first time, you'll be able to find products from the Empowering Women Together collection in Walmart stores, so you can hold these products in your hands and see why I love them so much.