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Online Grocery Pickup: The Thanksgiving Test

We are heading into the busiest time of year as Thanksgiving approaches.

Mom and son order groceries for pickup online on computer

My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. We’ve actually just started to take over that holiday and host it. I love hosting, because let’s face it: I like to have control over the menu and the food. I enjoy whipping up some of my favorites like pecan rum cake and mashed potato casserole to pair with a delicious ham or turkey. My husband’s favorite, though, is pumpkin pie.

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I like to beat the crowd when it comes to grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, and I do that by using Walmart’s grocery pickup. They now offer mobile check-in, which makes my life even easier. I downloaded the app, ordered my groceries, and then went on with my day. I noticed they even had roasting pans, paper plates, utensils, and other items for hosting.

The mobile app alerts the associate when you arrive, so when I headed to the store the next day, I hadn’t even fully pulled into the parking spot yet, and I could see the associate coming out the door with all my groceries. The best part was, I didn’t even have to go in the store!

Grocery pickup on mobile phone

I ordered all my groceries for Thanksgiving that day. I was able to pick up my ham, turkey, stuffing, and everything I needed for our pumpkin pie, too. I saved time and stress, plus got everything I needed, including roasting pans. This last time I picked up our groceries, the attendant told me that because I regularly order gluten-free products there, he would request more from the vendor so that they always have what I need when I return. I was shocked by that; he really went above and beyond.

Grocery pickup on mobile phone

This year, I’ve decided to have my son assist me in the kitchen as we prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. He’s recently become very interested in cooking, so I decided it’s time for him to get in the kitchen and help me as he can now do more. The pumpkin pie is very simple to make, so that’s first on my list of teaching him. I’ve also been able to find gluten-free products at my local Walmart, which means my son and I can easily access foods we can eat. I picked up all that I needed at Walmart for a gluten-free pumpkin pie. My daughter is anxious to get started helping me as well, but for now I’ll let her have some fun with sprinkles and cookies until she gets just a little bit older. When her task involves cookies, though, she is perfectly content, although she may eat more cookies than she decorates!

As you are planning out your Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to give Walmart grocery pickup a try. I promise, you will never do grocery shopping the same once you do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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