10 Ways to Use the Time You Save with Walmart Pay

By Walmart Staff
July 6, 2016
A customer has the Walmart Pay app open at the register

With Walmart Pay, a Walmart app feature that allows you to use a smartphone to pay for in-store purchases, you can check out faster. Just scan, pay, and be on your way.

Starting today, Walmart Pay is now available at all of our more than 4,600 stores in the U.S. Four out of five customers who’ve already used Walmart Pay say they’d recommend it to others. In fact, one customer raved specifically about the time she saved. 

“Today was my first experience using Walmart Pay and it was FAB-U-LOUS! I was shopping with five of my children, which can sometimes feel a little bit like herding cats, and Walmart Pay got us through the register smoothly,” customer Lisa Rowlee told us in a review through the Walmart app.

That got us thinking – what can you do with all that extra time?

1. Have a 30-second dance party

Ain’t no party like a Walmart checkout line party.

2. Eat seven M&M’s

Or eight, if you’re a really fast chewer.

3. Do a couple push-ups

Drop and give me two!

4. Briefly ponder the meaning of life

Nope, still got nothing.

5. Sharpen your finger-ninja skills

Take that, delicious wafer!

6. Finally scratch that itch you’ve been meaning to get to

Ah yeah. That’s the stuff.

7. Feed your dog

Om nom nom.

8. Bond with your new pet

She’s a rescue.

9. Karaoke practice

Next stop, Hollywood.

10. A little primping

They say the mustache makes the man.