News Innovation How Real-Time Data is Putting Success at Our Fingertips

How Real-Time Data is Putting Success at Our Fingertips

The needs of today’s retail customer are constantly evolving – and they have access to information at their fingertips. So it’s only right we provide the best tools for our associates.

Three associates talk to one another

That’s the thinking behind the My Productivity app, now available on the smartphones of every member of Walmart’s in-store management team across the U.S. Gone are the days of a manager having to disappear from the sales floor for huge blocks of time. No more logging into a separate system to gain access to sales, replenishment, warehouse or other data needed to keep the business running efficiently.

With My Productivity, Walmart managers simply click and take care of business, right there on the sales floor. It's similar to any other app, really – and that’s the point. We live in a digital age, where apps are intuitive and people can do what they need to do, when they need to do it, without delay. That’s how retail needs to operate.

With a few clicks and taps on their smartphones, our managers are able to set the wheels in motion to restock specific items, access real-time sales data and trends, and even answer customer questions. The tool even allows management to review feedback from customer receipt surveys as they’re submitted, allowing them to react to potential issues faster than ever before.

Prior to My Productivity, management associates were spending thousands of hours in the back rooms of our stores annually. I repeat: thousands of hours. That simply cannot be in today’s world.

Essentially, by putting the data and technology into management’s hands, we’ve put them back out onto our sales floor. We’re turning the attention back to productivity, service and selling. And, most importantly, we’re putting them back where our customers need them most.

We’re releasing our associates to serve and sell, rather than perform complex tasks. Our customers are seeing more associates on the floors, and our managers are confident and better equipped. This is the way it should be – every second of every day.