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Luv and Joy in @WalmartLabs

Mom and daughter

One of those big mail-order catalogs showed up on my porch the other day. I don’t see them too often anymore, and as I brought this one to the recycling bin, a wave of childhood memories came to my mind. I recalled hours spent flipping through such catalogs, full of joy at the discoveries I made on every page.

In the retail business, we thrive on these moments—on finding products we think our customers will love and introducing them to each other. Whether in pages, pixels, or aisles, facilitating such moments is at the very core of what we at Walmart do.

With nearly 245 million people visiting our stores and websites every week, we’re fortunate to create more of these moments than any other retailer in the world. With this opportunity comes a heavy responsibility to do the very best job we can, so we’re always asking ourselves, “How can we improve in our mission help our customers save money and live better?”

Today, we’re giving that mission a big boost: I’m pleased to announce that we’re acquiring Luvocracy, an online community that helps people discover cool products recommended by people whose taste they trust, such as family members, friends and online influencers.


Among the 16 highly-talented people joining us from Luvocracy include its leadership team:

  • CEO/Co-founder Nathan Stoll, an early and influential product manager at Google and co-founder of Aardvark
  • Head of design Brooke Thompson, formerly of Yahoo! with a rich, decorated history there
  • Creative director Christine Martinez, a Pinterest “Power Pinner” with over 5 million followers and author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Pinterest Marketing
  • Head of engineering Ajay Agrawal, who previously was SVP of engineering at Blurb and has held prior roles at eBay, Microsoft, Oracle, and others

We’ve been spending a lot of time with Nathan, Christine, Ajay, Brooke, and the rest of the crew; what an amazing bunch! I’m so delighted to have them join us, and now we’ll be working together to create more of these fantastic moments when customers find delightful products at great prices.
Welcome to the team, Luvocracy. I can’t wait for the ideas we’ve been cooking up together to come to life in our properties around the world.