News Innovation Welcome Adchemy to @WalmartLabs!

Welcome Adchemy to @WalmartLabs!

Our journey to build the very best tech

Walmart isn’t a retailer in Silicon Valley, we’re building an Internet technology company inside the world’s largest retailer. We are 2,100 strong and growing.  Today, we’re thrilled to welcome the 60+ talented technologists from Adchemy to @WalmartLabs, adding to our expertise in areas like semantic search, data analytics and marketing.

Getting to where we are today has been quite a ride. Several years ago we realized that to scale e-commerce to Walmart’s 245 million weekly customers around the world, we needed world-class talent and agile teams that could develop innovative and scalable technologies. We set forth to recruit, acquire and integrate the best technologies and talent in Silicon Valley.  It started with the creation of @WalmartLabs three years ago, which is the tech and innovation arm of Global eCommerce. And, Adchemy is our twelfth acquisition since Labs’ creation, and one of our largest to date in terms of people.

 Adchemy is a product search company and a leader in e-commerce technology. The company was founded in 2004 in Foster City, Calif., and over the years has built an impressive team that will help Walmart transform the shopping experience for millions of shoppers each week. This latest acquisition continues our quest to build best-in-class e-commerce capabilities in-house. We have been hiring highly-talented teams organically and are augmenting that by acquiring talent to build our own technologies that can scale with our global business. 

Among the talented team joining us are Rohit Deep who was the VP of Engineering and was previously the Chief Architect and Engineering Lead at WebEx; Ethan Batraski who served as VP of Products, formerly the head of search innovation at Yahoo!; and data scientist Esteban Arcaute, Head of Research, who holds a PhD from Stanford and also worked at Yahoo!.  

Some may be surprised to hear we’ve hired nearly 1,000 talented associates over the past year, and have augmented our teams through acquisitions like this one.  The result of this approach is a highly-talented workforce delivering high-impact products. Our internal search engine, built by the Kosmix team, took only 9 months to ship and led to 20% increase in search conversion.  Inkiru technology was integrated within four months after the team joined, and today their predictive analytics platform is applied to 100% of our transactions.

Walmart Labs Adchemy Infographic

We’re excited about the possibilities ahead and the opportunities for the Adchemy team.  Welcome!