News Innovation Save Time and Money with Walmart To Go

Save Time and Money with Walmart To Go

In towns across America, Walmart is known for being a one-stop shop for a variety of products at great prices. But recently we’ve been experimenting with a system that might mean customers wouldn’t need to stop at all.

Walmart To Go is an innovative test that lets customers select fresh groceries and other items online and have their order delivered to their door. Shoppers in our two test markets – San Jose, Calif. and Denver, Colo. – can log on to the Walmart To Go website, select their items – from fresh produce to diapers to electronics – and have those items delivered when it’s convenient for them, even as quickly as the same day. Unlike other grocery delivery services, Walmart To Go offers the same low prices online as in our stores – there’s no mark-up.  And we offer some of the lowest delivery fees in the market, helping customers save time and money. 

Delivery or Pickup: It's Your Choice

We recently expanded our test in Denver to include a local pickup option. Denver customers can now order groceries online, and we’ll have their order ready for free pickup at a nearby supercenter.

A lot of people have asked why we would offer a pickup option when we were already testing home delivery.  We believe customers are looking for new and, more importantly, convenient ways to shop.  What might work well for them today (e.g., home delivery) may not be the right solution tomorrow if they have an appointment in the evening – picking up at the store after the appointment is more convenient.  This is where our existing dense footprint of stores in close proximity to customers, and a best-in-class ecommerce experience work together to let customers choose how they want to shop. 

Here’s what I mean -- as we surveyed customers about the pickup options, more than half chose pickup as their preferred option because it gave them the opportunity to shop in our stores for things they forgot to add to their online order, or purchase things they prefer to pick out themselves.  As we have more than 4,200 stores located within 5 miles of the U.S. population, we think combining digital and physical capabilities allows us to serve customers in ways other retailers cannot match. 

We know that customers are changing, and retail – even grocery retail – is evolving.  They’re moving away from being told how to shop and are now telling us how they want to shop.  Walmart To Go is just one more way that we’re giving customers more choices to shop when, where and how they want. We are building best in class e-commerce capabilities, and we’re marrying them with the assets of the world’s largest retailer.  

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