News Heritage Shareholders T-Shirts Are a Big Deal, Eh?

Shareholders T-Shirts Are a Big Deal, Eh?

It's not a real competition, but it should be, and this year I'm unofficially declaring Walmart Canada the winner. Every year at our annual Shareholders meeting, visiting associates wear matching t-shirts to identify their country or market. They have a new t-shirt design for each day of the week, and we all look forward to seeing what each country has created.

Walmart Canada Associates at Shareholders 2014

Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they sparkle, but no matter what, they always embody the culture of the market and brand. I loved Asda associates in their hot pink, and Brazil showcased their country's flag design. With the World Cup right around the corner, I saw quite a few soccer jersey tees this week too. But, oh, Canada. They're my favorite this year -- particularly the shirts that look exactly like RCMP uniforms (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), or "Mounties" to those of us south of their border. And no Mountie uniform is complete without the trademark hat, so they all had one of those too. 

One of our very own associates is responsible for the design. Angela Woodcock, who works in our Private Brand department at Walmart Canada headquarters, was honored for her handiwork at an associate meeting this week by Shelley Broader, President & CEO of Walmart EMEA and former CEO of Walmart Canada. Shelley even took a selfie with Angela to celebrate.
Walmart Canada

Angela designs products for Walmart's private label clothing line, George, so she's already a natural fashionista. When I asked what inspired her to use the RCMP uniform, she said, "Canadians are known for our sense of humor and poking fun at ourselves. The RCMP uniform immediately came to mind."

Angela has been with Walmart Canada for four years, and thinks she has a pretty good gig. "I think I have the best job at Walmart. I like developing products for customers, and this was a good way to flex a different creative muscle."

I have to admit I'm a little jealous of all the international associates' amazing shirts, and I wish I could get a few for myself. But you won't find these for sale at your local Walmart store. These are one-of-a-kind and are reserved only for associates invited to attend Shareholders Week -- making them extra special souvenirs and something associates will remember for a lifetime.