News Community A Will for Helping: Meet Our 5-Year-Old Walmart Associate for a Day

A Will for Helping: Meet Our 5-Year-Old Walmart Associate for a Day

You never know what will happen when you post to Twitter. Sometimes, you see something that sparks an idea and you get the opportunity to help someone realize their dream.

Young associate Will with Walmart manager

It’s even better when that dream belongs to a 5-year-old boy, named Will, with an infectious passion for helping others.
It all began with a preschool assignment where Will Coffman and his classmates were asked to draw pictures of what they wanted to do when they grew up. Will drew a Walmart store, with him in it, helping customers at the register. He wanted to be a Walmart helper. Will’s dad, Jason, loved the picture so much, he posted it to Twitter.

We were really excited to see a person so young, with his mind already set on becoming a Walmart associate. So, we invited him to my store in Rogers, Arkansas, to try it out for a day. As a mom, I thought about all the things my son would love to do in a store – and that’s how I planned out Will’s activities.

When he first arrived at the store, I gave him his very own Walmart vest and name badge. He was so excited to get to “work,” immediately greeting customers and handing out stickers. I think this was his favorite part of the day. Next, he helped customers check out at the register – he was a real pro there.

A young boy dressed as an associate for a day helps another young customer

Every kid loves toys, so what better way to get him excited about working for Walmart than to allow him to stock some toys? This way he could really see and experience some of the technology associates use every day, like the scanners we use for stocking.

Will - Associate for a Day Photos

Seeing someone at that age recognize the value of being a customer servant and telling customers thank you reinforces why I love working here. It makes me excited and inspires me to make sure the rest of my associates feel the same way about their jobs.

At the end of his experience, Will said he wanted to work here every single day. He even told his little brother, “I have serious work to do. I can’t play right now.” I thought it was really cool that he took it so seriously. I have a good feeling we’ll see Will as an associate one day.