News Community A Fresh Look at Getting Kids to Pick Veggies

A Fresh Look at Getting Kids to Pick Veggies

“Just the simple engagement of allowing a child to prep their own food makes a world of difference.”

Young girl eating vegetables

Cory Jackson, Nutrition and Wellness Director at the YMCA in Asheville, North Carolina, learned this when he encountered a young boy who would not try new fruits and vegetables but, finally tried them when he was allowed to to cut a cucumber and tomato with a child-safe knife.

The Y Healthy Living Mobile Kitchen

The YMCA of Western North Carolina has found a way to reach communities with limited access to food using two mobile food trucks that deliver fresh produce and meals using creative recipes. The Y staff found that involving kids in the preparation process is the key to getting them to try new, nutritious foods.

Thanks to support from the Walmart Foundation, the Y is providing regular nutrition to kids in need through the Afterschool Meal Program currently operating in more than 1,500 locations.

This video highlights one of the ways the Y and the Walmart Foundation are working together to eradicate child hunger in America.