News Community How Sadie Robertson is Inspiring Kids to ‘Live Original’

How Sadie Robertson is Inspiring Kids to ‘Live Original’

Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty

Editor’s Note: Earlier this week, Sadie Robertson visited two Dallas-area Walmart stores to meet customers and encourage her fans to make a difference during the back-to-school season. We caught up with her to hear the story behind her new line of school supplies, “Live Original.”

WMT: Your new school supplies line, Live Original, is inspired by your book of the same name. What does that mean to you, and what do you hope others will see in that concept?

SR: Just being who you are, and not necessarily trying to fit in. I feel like every teen needs to hear “live original” because it’s hard nowadays to be who God is calling you to be with all the extra stuff thrown out at you. It’s hard to stay true to who you are.

Sadie Robertson product. Book title reads "Let your smile change the world"

WMT: How and why did you choose school supplies as the right products to feature Live Original?

SR: School is a hard place for a lot of teenage girls. I hope these items will make people excited to go to school because they are no longer afraid of how they are going to fit in. It encourages them to stand up for themselves.

Plus, I think the fact that we have inspirational messages on the front and back of these supplies is good, because whether kids are coming or going, they can be inspired to live their own life. I also think for the kids carrying them, whether they’re in school or not, it is a great way to have a pick-me-up during the day.


WMT: Some people may not know you’re also a motivational speaker. Why spreading positive messages to people – especially youth – important to you?

SR: A lot of girls nowadays are caught up in a negative vibe. The world has become more and more negative, so it is very important to be more positive and show the good things going on. 

Sadie Robertson is seated in front of a Champions for Kids banner and is handing a young girl a piece of paper.

WMT: The maker of your school supplies, DaySpring, is donating more than 100,000 folders to students who need them through the organization Champions for Kids. Was that aspect important to you, and if so, why?

SR: It’s exciting that we and DaySpring are able to give away these folders through Champions for Kids. Champions for Kids helps families and kids in lots of ways, so if I can be a small part of that, I absolutely want to do it.


WMT: We saw you most recently on Dancing with the Stars. When you’re not writing your next book or speaking to youth, we have to ask – what will we see you doing next?

SR: I am actually working on a couple of apparel lines and a couple of movies.  Staying busy!