News Community Meet Zach: CMN Hospitals Colorado Champion Child

Meet Zach: CMN Hospitals Colorado Champion Child

Zach Miller CMN Hospitals

Zach was chosen to represent his state for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as its 2013 Colorado Champion child. He served as an ambassador for the millions of sick and injured kids treated at CMN Hospitals. Zach, 14, is a competitive snowboarder, winning the 2012-2014 Wells Fargo Ski Cup National Adaptive Races and was selected to participate on a training team for the International Paralympics.

Hi, Walmart! My name is Zach. I was born with left hemiplegic cerebral palsy, which caused seizures, movement challenges and problems eating from a very young age. Doctors told my parents I would not be able to do many things, but once I began treatment at my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, doctors began to tell them what I could do. By the time I entered elementary school I was well enough to join the Hospital Sports Program, where I learned to snowboard with adaptive equipment.

Last week at Walmart and Sam’s Club meetings, I got the opportunity to thank you for helping fund a gait lab at my hospital. This lab could see my leg length discrepancy, how I was walking (my gait) to accommodate it and then helped doctors understand which muscles I needed to target in my treatment plan. Because of that I found a compatible sport, and now I’m able to be a competitive snowboarder!

I love sharing my story with others and spreading the message that children’s hospitals are in need of financial support from their community. It’s thanks to donations from people like you that I am where I am today.

I recently got to interview Walmart and Sam’s Club associates about how you have helped kids like me by raising funds for CMN Hospitals. I even got to step aboard a Walmart truck with the Logistics crew as its honorary driver for the day. What a blast! Everyone was so giving and kind. I had people from all over giving me pins from their stores and states and patches specific to their job, and I will wear them all with pride.

I’ve loved the chances I’ve had to talk with you in person. If you didn't work so hard to raise funds for my Children's Miracle Network Hospital, I wouldn't be able to walk, run and make awesome family memories like I have today. Thank you, Walmart!

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