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Check Out Your Checkout Heroes for Back-to-School Shopping

Shopping for school supplies can be hectic.

Back to School Heros

Families are making the most of the last days of summer vacation while also preparing for a new school year. But have no fear: Back-to-School Heroes are here to save the day.

The idea that started with Holiday Helpers is back for back-to-school season – this time in colorful yellow capes – ready to swoop in to assist customers to checkout, find the shortest lines and pick up any last-minute items shoppers may have forgotten.

Our heroes are in all Walmart stores, including Neighborhood Markets. They can be found in the back-to-school area, and you might even catch sight of caped customer service managers doing good deeds around the store. Our strategy is simple: helping everyone who comes to shop for school supplies own the upcoming year like a hero.

The thought to introduce helpers during certain shopping seasons came from customer feedback and store associates paying attention to customers’ habits. Our heroes are there to improve the shopping experience, give time back to busy families and bring smiles to shoppers’ faces. Even their capes serve a purpose: The blue spark surrounded by bright yellow is easy to spot – and for associates who secretly dream of being superheroes, donning a cape at work is their chance to have some fun while lending customers a helping hand.

Back to School Heros Broken Arrow

It also puts the focus where it should be: on customer service. Handing out Batman and Wonder Woman stickers to kids and helping parents speed through checkout brings smiles to everyone. Who doesn’t love superheroes?

Heroes will be in stores through the end of August, then they’ll go back to their real identities until it’s time to return for the holidays.

Comic book superheroes may battle villains and save the world, but we need real heroes who make everyday life a little easier. Keep scrolling to see how a few of our associates have been showing off their heroic looks on social media.

Back to School Heros Flying
Rocking the Back to School Cape
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