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Why Our New Equate Hairspray is Making a Fabulous Statement

Hair is a very personal thing. It’s one of the first parts of our appearance that we think about when making a statement about ourselves.

Equate Hairspray Bottles

After a few years of buying hair care products for the world’s largest retailer, I’ve learned that in order to feel confident in their look, people need to feel comfortable first. That’s what makes salon products so popular. You know that the products were developed by a professional to meet their own quality standards, and you trust their taste.

Two Fabulous Hairspray Bottles

When it comes to hairspray, a quality product starts with a formula that delivers a hold that’s strong but soft. But at Walmart, we believe that to live better, you shouldn’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get a great quality hairspray. When our beauty team and private brands team set out to make Equate Fabulous hairspray, we wanted to deliver a top-notch product. We also realized that hairspray is one styling product that shoppers are very particular about and extremely loyal to.

So, we centered our development process around the fact that we have an opportunity to impress our customers every step of the way, from first impression to finish. We went through many rounds of testing to find out what people look for in their perfect hairspray. The result is a fast-drying spray that creates a firm hold but touchable texture, and moveable volume that won’t diminish under humidity.

Hairdresser spraying hairspray on customer's hair

I’m confident that with this product, we’ve reached, if not exceeded, the quality standards of leading national brands. We’re putting more time, effort and money into our private brands products than ever before, and the results are evident. I won’t let them hit shelves without making sure they’re something our customers can absolutely be excited about, and I’m 100% convinced that what we’ve created will give you truly fabulous hair.