News Business More Than a Nametag: A Throwback Returns to Walmart

More Than a Nametag: A Throwback Returns to Walmart

Vintage Walmart Nametag

If you want something to happen, the simplest thing to do is ask. But how many of us really take that advice? 

Walmart market manager Peter Abbott did, and to his surprise, it worked. In February, he wrote a letter to Chief Operating Officer Judith McKenna requesting that a phrase that once appeared on associate name badges – “Our People Make the Difference” – be added once again. Today, not only did Judith announce that this will happen, but she brought Peter onstage at a meeting of nearly 3,000 U.S. associates to appreciate him for making the request.

“We've not had a badge that says ‘Our People Make the Difference’ for some time, but when I'm out and about, I’m amazed at how many of our associates are still wearing them … and I know it’s because you love them,” Judith said.

Peter made the request because he feels the words truly matter. “It reminds me that I make a difference every day and impact the company,” he said.

”Our People Make the Difference” is more than a Walmart slogan – it’s an expression that carries some history, according to this video shown during the announcement today. The phrase was Sam Walton’s personal philosophy of how Walmart should think of its associates. “Isn’t this the great edge that this company has?” he said in one past address. 

The throwback slogan will once again grace badges in all U.S. stores by the end of the year.