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Unleashing innovation at Sam's Club

Doug McMillon and Roz Brewer

Sam’s Club welcomed our former CEO Doug McMillon back to the fold today at our Year Beginning Meeting.  Before running Walmart International and before he took the big chair as CEO of Walmart last month, Doug led Sam’s for several years.  You can tell that being with this group of more than 600 club managers is like coming home for him – lots of strong relationships and deep appreciation for what our associates do for the business.

At the meeting, Sam’s Club CEO Roz Brewer asked about his vision for the company, and Doug shared some thoughts on change and innovation.  He explained that, although our company’s purpose and values will remain the same, how we go about our business will change.  Our opportunity is to combine the best stores and clubs with world class e-commerce capabilities to win the intersection of digital and physical retail. 

Doug challenged us all to look at our work with fresh eyes.  He told the managers we need to take risks and that it’s ok to fail sometimes as long as we’re pushing ourselves to be better.  That’s how we’ll unleash innovation for our customers and members.