Home News Walmart and Sam’s Club raise more than $706,000 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin during six-week campaign

Walmart and Sam’s Club raise more than $706,000 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin during six-week campaign

Fundraising helps Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provide patient visits for over a half million kids each year

Milwaukee, Wis., July 17, 2014 Walmart and Sam's Club associates, customers and members recently wrapped up a six-week campaign to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) across the country. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin partnered with 79 stores and clubs across Southeastern & Northeastern Wisconsin and was able to raise $706,000, helping provide patient visits for more than 500,000 kids each year. Nationally, through donations accepted at cash registers and in-store fundraising activities Walmart raised more than $40.2 million for the 170 hospitals that make up Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and helps CMNH provide patient visits for more than 10 million kids each year.

“Over the six week fundraising campaign, customers, associates and members at Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across Wisconsin came together for a similar goal – providing comfort, exceptional treatment and hope to sick children in the community,” said Mitch Cox, Walmart regional general manager.” At Walmart and Sam’s Club, we are grateful and sincerely thank everyone who participated in our Children’s Miracle Network fundraising campaign. By working together, great things are possible and the community has continued to amaze year after year.”

This year's campaign is the most recent in annual fundraising by the retailers, as Walmart and Sam's Club have collected more than $740 million since partnering with the charity in 1987. Walmart and Sam's Club funds impact each of the 170 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, which treat 1 in 10 children across North America. Hospitals utilize the funds based on what they need the most—typically for purchasing lifesaving equipment, supporting top therapy programs and providing charitable care.

To raise funds, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin partnered with local Walmart and Sam’s Club to host a variety of fundraising activities that propelled giving totals to exceed previous years. Funds raised benefit family services and also support the hospital’s greatest need, ensuring the best and safest care is provided for each child treated at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Kids deserve the best and these donations help provide that care. The funds will help provide patient amenities such as music and pet therapy as well as sibling care, which help ease parental stress.

The retailer’s six-week campaign ran May 1 – June 13. Walmart and Sam's Club 2014 fundraising efforts will continue throughout the year at participating locations through various in- store activities. For more information on the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals visit: www.CMNHospitals.org.