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Walmart Foundation Contributes 53-foot Semitrailer Truck to Community Harvest Food Bank

FT. WAYNE, Ind., JULY 22, 2013 – Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana can now move four times the amount of fresh produce and other food to families in need, thanks to a $75,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation. The grant allowed Community Harvest Food Bank to buy a 53-foot refrigerated semitrailer and tractor.

"We are so grateful to the Walmart Foundation because this one truck will help us collect and deliver food far more efficiently," Executive Director Jane Avery said. "Our old box truck could handle only 12 pallets of food, but the new refrigerated truck has the capacity to move 53 pallets."

In the past, Avery said, the food bank would get an offer for fresh produce such as lettuce, carrots, peaches or tomatoes. Because they didn't have a way to safely transport perishables, the offer would have to be turned down. "Sometimes we could hire an outside vendor, but that gets expensive, too." She pointed out it cost the food bank more than $500 to accept a delivery of donated milk from Indianapolis earlier this year.

"Walmart understands how improving logistics means helping more people. We bring millions of products to store shelves every year with one of the most efficient logistics systems in the world," said John Wolf, Walmart market manager and former Community Harvest Food Bank president. "We are honored to see the Walmart Foundation present this grant to the Community Harvest Food Bank and know it will help families who really need assistance."

In 2010, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation launched "Fighting Hunger Together" – a $2 billion cash and in-kind commitment through 2015 to fight hunger in America. This initiative leverages Walmart's size and resources to provide nutritious food and the Walmart Foundation's ability to grant funding to nonprofits that help elevate the issue. In 2012, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation became the first partners of Feeding America to surpass 1 billion meals donated.

A 2010 study conducted by Feeding America shows how people in Indiana have to make difficult eating decisions:

  • 46 percent of clients in Indiana report having to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities or heating fuel.
  • 42 percent had to choose between paying for food and paying their rent or mortgage.
  • 36 percent had to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine or medical care.
  • 37 percent had to choose between paying for food and paying for transportation,
  • 39 percent had to choose between paying for food and paying for gas for a car.

The Walmart Foundation supports organizations creating opportunities so people can live better. The Walmart Foundation State Giving Program works to award grants that have a long-lasting, positive affect on communities across the U.S. Indiana grant decisions are made by Hoosier associates.

To be considered for support, prospective grantee organizations must submit applications through the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program's online grant application. Eligible applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to meet the program's minimum funding criteria. Additional information about the program's funding guidelines and application process are available online at foundation.walmart.com/apply-for-grants/state-giving.

In 2012, Indiana Walmart stores, Sam's Club locations and the Walmart Foundation gave more than $31.7 million in cash and in-kind donations to local organizations in the communities they serve. Through additional funds donated by customers and Walmart and Sam's Club associates around the state, Indiana contributions totaled more than $34.6 million.

About Philanthropy by Walmart and the Walmart Foundation
Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committed to helping people live better through philanthropic efforts. By operating globally and giving back locally, Walmart is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the communities it serves and make a significant social impact within its core areas of giving: Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Career Opportunity and Women's Economic Empowerment. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are leading the fight against hunger in the United States with a $2 billion commitment through 2015. Walmart has donated more than 1 billion meals to those in need across the country. To learn more about Walmart's and the Walmart Foundation's giving, visit foundation.walmart.com.