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Walmart Statement on Relief Efforts in Japan

Updated March 25, 2011
8:47 a.m. CDT

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan. In response to the tragic earthquake and resulting tsunami, Walmart has made an initial commitment of $5 million (USD) in cash and in-kind donations for emergency relief efforts. Also, Walmart operations around the world have implemented fundraising drives among associates and customers to provide additional relief funds for the victims.

We are working with the Japanese government and relief organizations on the ground to provide food, water and daily necessities to the people who have been impacted by the disaster. Our trucks are making deliveries into the affected area where possible, and our stores are acting as focal points for relief. We have mounted a full scale operation to get additional relief supplies into Japan. The supplies include 95 tons of water, acrylic blankets, tents, warm clothes, fleece, portable toilets, flashlights, batteries, and other necessary relief items. We continue to assess other ways we can help.

The majority of our 414 stores in Japan are open for business. All of our distribution centers are now operational, with improving levels of capacity.

Read more about donating to the American Red Cross to support their disaster relief efforts.