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Trend Towards More Sustainable Products Gets Boost With New Worldwise-Walmart Partnership

Innovative Closed Loop Program Sets New Standard in Sustainable Products

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Bentonville, AR (October 7, 2010) – Worldwise, Inc., a leading environmentally responsible consumer products company, has teamed up with Walmart to launch an innovative new program to bring the latest generation of environmentally responsible products to consumers nationwide. Under this partnership, Walmart will provide Worldwise with recyclable waste materials that will be turned into a variety of pet products for sale at Walmart starting in October 2010.

Using a proprietary processing method, Worldwise will be recycling the following Walmart materials into its products:

  • Bottles are being recycled into dog beds
  • Hangers are being turned into cat litter pans, scoops, and scratchers
  • Bags are being converted into cat littler liners
  • Corrugated cardboard is being processed into cat scratchers

The amount of these types of materials utilized annually by consumers and businesses is immense. For example, an estimated 50 billion water and soda bottles are consumed each year in the United States, while only approximately 25 percent are recycled.
“This program will set a new standard for consumers looking for products that are better for themselves, their pocketbooks, and their planet,” said Aaron Lamstein, Executive Chairman for Worldwise. Inc. “We believe this has the potential to spark a revolution in how manufacturers and retailers can work collaboratively to offer better products for its customers.”

The Full Circle™ program is the result of years of effort by Worldwise to create a closed loop system that uses customer recyclables in the manufacturing process of new products. After working through a variety of complex supply chain and manufacturing challenges, stores are now stocked with PoochPlanet and SmartyKat pet products containing recycled Walmart materials.

“This program is the type of innovative thinking that will help Walmart reach its company wide goals for sustainability,” said John Kunkel, Sr. Buyer, Pets for Walmart. “We are committed to creating zero waste and the closed loop partnership with Worldwise is a perfect example of how retailers and suppliers can cooperate to innovate and achieve greater sustainability.”

Worldwise has built a reputation as an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing and marketing. One example of this commitment is the use of recycled plastic bottles in its EcoRest® fiberfill used in PoochPlanet pet beds for the past ten years.

Worldwise estimates that through PoochPlanet pet bed sales at Walmart and Sam’s Club in the next year, Worldwise will keep the equivalent of over 100,000,000 16.9 oz. plastic bottles out of landfills. This includes the equivalent of approximately 25,000,000 16.9 oz bottles provided by Walmart and Sam’s Clubs.

“Creating ‘Closed Loop’ systems, that generally utilize waste from one process as the raw material for another, have long been hailed as an important model for more sustainable consumption,” said Matthew Turnbull, Worldwise CEO. “These Full Circle products prove that consumers do not have to sacrifice quality or pay higher prices for innovative pet products made from recycled materials.”

The nine PoochPlanet and SmartyKat pet products on sale in October at Walmart stores are labeled with the brand’s EcoAdvantages® logo as well as the Full Circle™ insignia for easy consumer identification.

The products include:

PoochPlanet Dog Beds:
The PoochPlanet 27”x36” Pet Bed, 29”x36” Pet Bed, 32”x42” Pet Bed, and 40”x50” all contain recycled Walmart plastic bottles.

All PoochPlanet pet beds are filled with EcoRest recycled fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles or other environmentally preferable materials.

SmartyKat Cat Scratchers:
The SmartyKat ScratchPod® contains recycled Walmart hangers in the base and recycled Walmart cardboard in the honeycomb scratcher.
The ScratchPod® Refill contains recycled Walmart cardboard.

SmartyKat Litter Accessories:
The SmartyKat LitterLoo™ litter box contains recycled Walmart plastic hangers.
The SmartyKat WasteNot™ drawstring liners contain recycled Walmart plastic bags.
The SmartyKat LooLadle™ contains recycled Walmart plastic hangers.

Worldwise also offers more than 50 additional pet products at Walmart that feature environmental advantages.

For more information about the Full Circle™ program visit www.fullcircle-walmart.com.

About Worldwise
The SmartyKat and PoochPlanet brands are manufactured by Worldwise, a leading consumer pet products company. By developing unique, high-quality products made from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributing them through the nation’s leading retailers, Worldwise brands are changing consumer beliefs about the look, feel, price and performance of environmentally-responsible products. www.worldwise.com.

About Walmart
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT), or “Walmart,” serves customers and members more than 200 million times per week at more than 8,400 retail units under 55 different banners in 15 countries. With fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion, Walmart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide. A leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity, Walmart ranked first among retailers in Fortune Magazine’s 2009 Most Admired Companies survey. Additional information about Walmart can be found by visiting www.walmartstores.com and on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/walmart. Online merchandise sales are available at www.walmart.com and www.samsclub.com.

Walmart’s Sustainability Commitment
As part of its company-wide sustainability goals, Walmart is committed to being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, creating zero waste and selling products that sustain people and resources. The company is moving toward these goals by using sustainable sourcing practices including energy efficiency, waste reduction, renewable energy and lifecycle management. These initiatives are making Walmart a more sustainable company and helping create a favorable environment for green job creation.

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