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Walmart PR Sets Precedent With The First 100% LED-Lighted Parking Lot

Caguas, Puerto Rico. September 30, 2009 – As part of the environmental commitment of saving energy at its facilities, Walmart Puerto Rico has established the first 100% LED lighted parking lot at the Walmart Supercenter in Santa Isabel. In this way, the Company sets a precedent at local level and an example with an initiative that promotes both environmental awareness and company’s cost-effectiveness.

Felipe Ramos, Facilities Director for Walmart PR, stated that “we are pleased and proud to be the first company in the Island with a 100% LED lighted parking lot. These lights use 48% less energy than regular ones, which helps maximize our energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.” The executive added that “these lights dramatically improve visibility in all areas of the parking lot and they can have a longer useful life, up to 10 years of use, which offers both convenience for consumers and significant savings for the company.”

In addition to Walmart Supercenter in Santa Isabel, traditional lighting is being replaced by LED in other facilities along the island, including Walmart stores in Humacao and Isabela, Sam’s Club membership warehouse in Ponce, and Amigo Supermarkets in Lomas Verdes, Bayamón, and Guayama.

Walmart PR launched its Sustainable Development Program in 2007. This initiative is intended to establish sustainable strategies to maximize energy efficiency, while reducing the amount of solid waste and gas emissions at all Walmart stores, Walmart Supercenters, Sam’s Club membership warehouses, Amigo Supermarkets, and Super Ahorros. As part of this effort, the company has successfully created multi-sectoral alliances with the government, private ventures, communities, and environmentally concerned non-profit organizations.

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