Walmart Updates Recall Durabrand DVD Player Recall Extends to Color Models

Walmart takes seriously the safety of the products we sell and providing customers with information they need in recall situations. The August 21 Durabrand DVD Player recall was updated on Sept. 1 to inform the public that additional color models of this player are now included.

We have expanded the recall to include all variations of this player that would include the purple and pink versions as well as additional item numbers of the same Durabrand silver unit, bringing the past unit sales number to 4.2 million (Jan. 2006 - July 2009 sales.) We have discontinued selling this DVD player unit, and have placed a block on all registers to prevent any future sales. We encourage customers to return all units to our Customer Service Desks for a refund.

This recall includes no other brands or players outside this specific Durabrand DVD player model. No injuries or incident reports have been submitted to Walmart since the Aug. 21 recall. We encourage customers to check their units and return this model in silver, pink and purple for a full refund. (Model No. included 1002, 1002 PUR, 1002 PINK)

View the recall from the CPSC.