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Walmart Stores and World Environment Center Launch Cleaner Production Partnership in Central America

Washington, D.C. January 13, 2009 –The World Environment Center (WEC), in partnership with Walmart, today announced the launch of a major initiative which aims to increase cleaner production and energy efficiency (CP/EE) practices in two countries, El Salvador and Guatemala. The project is conducted through the U.S. Department of State funded “Cleaner Production Private Sector Partnerships” project in Central America.

WEC will work with Walmart Stores’ small and medium local suppliers to provide technical assistance in the areas of: energy and water savings; waste, raw material and emissions reductions; implementation of environmental management systems; and accessing financial resources. More than 24 suppliers will benefit from the project, which will be overseen by WEC’s Central America office based in San Salvador and directed by WEC´s Latin America Operations Director, Mr. Ernesto Samayoa.

“Our partnership with Walmart will play a crucial role in promoting sustainable economic development in the local communities where these Small and Medium suppliers operate,” stated Dr. Terry F. Yosie, president and CEO of the World Environment Center.

“At Walmart, we are committed to working closely with our suppliers around the world to build a worldclass, sustainable supply chain,” said Craig Herkert, president and CEO for the Americas, Walmart“Through this partnership with WEC in Central America, we are able to share best practices and support businesses in the communities where we operate.”

The official launch of the partnership between WEC and Walmart through the Department of State project, will take place on January 13 and 15, 2009 in Guatemala and El Salvador, respectively. The launches will be attended by representatives of the U.S. Department of State, WEC, Walmart Stores, Walmart suppliers, local private sector associations, and other stakeholders including senior level officials of the Ministries of Economy and Environment of both countries.

About the World Environment Center The World Environment Center (WEC) is an independent, non-profit, non-advocacy organization whose mission is to advance sustainable development through the business strategies and operations of its member companies in partnership with government and other stakeholders. WEC's activities and operations are global in scope, and it is unique in providing direct, on-the-ground support to companies to improve their performance, and that of their business partners, across the value chain. For more information about WEC, please go to www.wec.org

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