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Wal-Mart Customers Gobble More Than 10 Percent Savings On Thanksgiving Feasts

National “Turkey Day Favorites” Survey Reveals Preference for

White Meat and Celebrity Dinner Guests

BENTONVILLE, Ark., November 15, 2007 – Two new surveys reveal Americans are holding fast to Thanksgiving favorites even as costs rise. Armed with these facts, Wal-Mart is reaffirming its Thanksgiving tradition with a commitment to saving Americans more than 10 percent on their Turkey Day meals so they can live – and eat – better.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) annual report on Thanksgiving dinner prices shows costs continue to rise this year. From the turkey to the stuffing and pumpkin pie, a complete traditional Thanksgiving feast for 10 at Wal-Mart is approximately $36.00, compared to the $42.00 average cost estimated by the AFBF today.

“With rising gas prices and budget strains, families are looking for ways to save on their Thanksgiving meals without skimping on the traditional holiday tastes,” said Pam Kohn, senior vice president of fresh and perishable merchandise at Wal-Mart. “No matter how you slice it, purchasing the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal from Wal-Mart is a sure way to cut costs without cutting the Thanksgiving menu.”

Compared to estimates included in the AFBF’s 2007 annual report on Thanksgiving spending, savings available at Wal-Mart include:

•    16-pound Turkey –  Wal-Mart price $15.52 ($0.97 per lb), AFBF’s average price $17.63, $2.11 in savings;
•    Stuffing, 14 oz. –  Wal-Mart price $0.88 (Stove Top Stuffing), AFBF’s average price $2.40, $1.52 in savings;
•    Sweet Potatoes, 3 lbs. –  Wal-Mart price $1.14 (0.38 per lb), AFBF’s average price $3.08, $1.94 in savings;
•    Cranberries – Wal-Mart price $0.88 (OceanSpray Cranberry Sauce), AFBF’s average price $2.20, $1.32 in savings.

As families prepare for this year’s most anticipated dinner, Wal-Mart is also sharing the results from its national Turkey Day Favorites Study, which indicate that some colonial cuisine is still top choice – turkey is the overwhelming favorite (74%) being served at this year’s Thanksgiving feasts.

Wal-Mart’s survey results also prove that the retailer’s customers – and the majority of Americans – are looking forward to seeing their family this year, more than looking forward to food (13%), football games (7%) or friends (7%).

Other survey highlights include:

•    RSVP Please – If given a choice, the majority of Americans (66 percent), would invite a celebrity to join their family’s dinner. President Bush topped the list of preferred celebrity dinner guests over Tiger Woods, Elvis and Mother Teresa.
•    Oh What I Wish For – If Americans got the wishbone, good health (25%) topped their wish list, followed by more money (18%) and peace (12%).
•    White Meat Reigns – At the first helping, Americans prefer white meat vs. dark meat (38% vs. 16% respectively).
•    A Way to a Man’s Heart – When it came down to whether men were looking more forward to football games or the food, football scored the touchdown (13% vs. 10% respectively). 
•    The Day After – Now it’s time for leftovers and Americans, overwhelmingly prefer to make turkey sandwiches (54%), and some even prefer to make it another turkey dinner (17%).

For more information on Wal-Mart’s unbeatable Thanksgiving prices, recipes and information on made to order offerings, visit www.savemoneyeatbetter.com

Turkey Day Favorites Survey Methodology
Wal-Mart’s Turkey Day Favorites study was conducted by an independent research company between November 1 and November 4, 2007.  A total of 1000 surveys were completed via telephone among American adult consumers 18 years or older.

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Editor’s Notes: As the nation’s largest grocery chain, Wal-Mart has a unique view of America’s Thanksgiving habits. For example:

•    This year, Wal-Mart expects to sell truckloads and truckloads of turkeys. So many, in fact, that the trucks would stretch the length of 194 football fields if lined back-to-back and weigh the same as 1,900 male elephants.
•    When it comes to cranberry sauce, Wal-Mart’s 2006 Thanksgiving sales show that consumers in New Mexico go crazy for cranberries, followed by consumers in Montana, Arizona, Colorado and Idaho.
•    Last Thanksgiving season, consumers in Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, Delaware and New Mexico purchased the most pumpkin pies consecutively.

Wal-Mart prices included in this announcement are based on advertised prices as of November 14, 2007. For more information on the AFBF’s 2007 annual report on Thanksgiving spending, visit www.fb.org.