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Wal-Mart's Toy Safety Holiday Update

Over the last few months, manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) have recalled a number of toys in new efforts to help protect children.   As America’s number one retailer, Wal-Mart takes customer safety very seriously. 

While safety and testing has been an on-going process for us, this summer we launched a Toy Safety Net Program to include additional testing of toy products and more work with industry and government leaders on safety standards.  

We know its concerning to hear about additional recalls before the holidays.  Through more testing and the recall process, retailers and manufactures are working hard to make this a safe holiday season.  Through this new effort Wal-Mart has tested more than 12,000 toys since August starting with those that a child could easily placed in their mouth, concentrating on testing for lead in surface coating and removable magnets. 

When a recall is issued, Wal-Mart has a proven system of communicating to all stores immediately to remove product quickly from shelves, as well as utilizing its technology to place a block on the sell of an item at every register in every store.  We also allow the return of any recall product we sold to our stores without receipt.

We will continue to exert leadership and expertise to ensure suppliers apply high safety standards to toys, domestic and import.  Wal-Mart also will continue to work with government authorities on new legislation that would provide for new funding and new initiatives that would result in.

Toy Safety Net Program
In August of 2007, Wal-Mart further enhanced its testing and toy safety program, covering five main areas:

• More Checking – Wal-Mart has asked all toy suppliers to re-submit testing documentation for toys currently on Wal-Mart shelves or on their way to stores. And with more testing than ever being done by toy suppliers, that will reassure customers that Wal-Mart has the most up-to-date information about the toys on its shelves.

• More Testing - Wal-Mart has immediately engaged leading independent laboratories to carry out an average of 200 additional tests each day. Priority testing was given to those toys for children up to the age of three, including toys that can easily end up in a child’s mouth. This also covers toys with a surface coating and/or containing magnets. The testing complements current toy manufacturers’ efforts and ensures all suppliers – whatever their size –have access to the best testing available at a reasonable cost.

• More Dialogue – Wal-Mart will ensure the results of its tests are shared with whole industry –retailers and manufacturers. It will play a full part in building consumer confidence through groups such as the Toy Industry Association (TIA). Wal-Mart is cooperating with the TIA in supporting new measures aimed at ensuring higher safety standards.

• More help for China – Wal-Mart also stands ready to help leaders in China who are implementing new testing procedures to ensure the highest safety standards for toy products.

• More Selection - Wal-Mart will continue to identify and work with toy manufacturers from all across the world on finding new toy products for its shelves and providing parents with greater choice.

Toy Industry Association: Also visit www.toyinfo.org for further details on toy safety measures and industry actions.