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Statement on Manufacturers' Pet Food Recalls

At Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, we want our customers and members to have total confidence in their pet food choices. That’s why, in addition to directing all of our locations to immediately remove all recalled items, we took the extra precaution of placing a computerized block on all recalled products so they cannot pass through the cash register. 

In addition, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have been in touch with our pet food suppliers and they’ve assured us that the pet food products available for sale are contaminant-free.

For a complete list of products that have been removed from our shelves, please see below.

Although some specific variations (sizes and flavors) of Ol’ Roy and Special Kitty have been removed from our shelves as a result of this activity, many Ol’ Roy and Special Kitty offerings are supplied to Wal-Mart by different manufacturers and are not impacted.  The Ol’ Roy and Special Kitty selections still available either are not impacted by this recall or have written confirmation from our suppliers that they are free of contamination.

Pet food safety is a top priority at Wal-Mart as we understand the important role that pets play in the lives of our customers and members. 

Wal-Mart customers and Sam’s Club members with product in question may return it to their nearest location for a full refund. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal government agency that oversees, along with state regulatory programs, that all pet foods and ingredients used in pet food are safe.

For a complete list of recalled pet products, visit www.fda.gov.

UPC Item Desc Product Type Size Desc
68113170378 OL ROY HC CNTRY STEW Can Dog 22 OZ
68113157407 OL ROY HS BF/GVY Can Dog 13.2OZ
7874220855 OL ROY HC BF Can Dog 13.2OZ
4152241160 JERKY TREAT BEEF Dog Treat 7.5OZ
68113167052 OLROY SNACK STRIPS Dog Treat 30OZ
68113167053 OLROY SNACK STICKS Dog Treat 30OZ
7874222047 OL ROY JERKY BF Dog Treat 6 OZ
7874270558 OL ROY SNACK STRIPS Dog Treat 26 OZ
68113157406 OLROY SNACK STX BEEF Dog Treat 26 OZ
68113124713 OL ROY BARKN BEEF/BC Dog Treat 6 OZ
1113200368 ALPO LONDON GRILL Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113208440 ALPO BEEF/PASTA/VEG Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113265125 ALPO PRIME CUT BF 6 Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113200463 ALPO PRIME CT CKN Can Dog 22 oz
1113200360 ALPO PRIME CUT BF Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113200361 ALPO PRIME CT BF/LVR Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113224509 ALPO PRIMECUT BF 6PK Can Dog 6 PK / 13.2 oz
1113286222 ALPO PRIME CUT 8 PK Can Dog 8 PK
1113200461 ALPO PRIME CUT BF Can Dog 22 oz
1113207032 ALPO LMB/RICE Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113218342 ALPO 12PK PRMC Can Dog 12 PK
1113200360 PR ALPO PC BEEF/GRVY Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113208440 PR ALPO PRIME ENTRAE Can Dog 13.2 oz
1113200463 PR ALPO PRIME CUT CH Can Dog 22 oz
1113200368 PR ALPO CUT LNDN GRI Can Dog 6 PK / 13.2 oz
5000021253 MTY DOG PCH VAR 12PK Dog Pouch 12 PK / 5.3 oz
1113225712 ALPO PRIME CUTS Can Dog 24 - 13.2OZ
1113200360 ALPO PRIME CUTS Can Dog 25 - 13.2OZ
68113174242 SK DUCK/WILD RICE Cat Pouch 3.0 oz
68113174244 SK CHICKEN/LIVER Cat Pouch 3.0 oz
68113174245 SK FILET MIGNON SHP Cat Pouch 3.0 oz
68113174243 SK MIX GRILL Cat Pouch 3.0 oz
68113174246 OL ROY GMT FILET/MGN Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113174249 OL ROY CHK TERIYAKI Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113174247 OL ROY GMT LMB/RICE Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113174248 OL ROY GMT BF CASS Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113180029 OL ROY GMT SLICED BF Dog Pouch 5.5 oz
68113180030 OL ROY GMT CHKN/GVY Dog Pouch 5.5 oz
68113157542 SK CHICKEN DINER Cat Can 3.0 oz
68113157543 SK TURKY/GIB/GVY Cat Can 3.0 oz
68113157541 SK BEEF/GRAVY Cat Can 3.0 oz
68113157544 SK TUNA/SAUCE Cat Can 3.0 oz
68113163331 OL ROY GMT SLC BF Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113163330 OL ROY GMT CHKN/GVY Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113163377 OL ROY GMT TKY/GRAVY Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
68113163332 OL ROY GMT CTRY STEW Dog Pouch 5.32 oz
60538867170 OL ROY GMT LMB/RI Can Dog 5.5 oz
68113159577 OL ROY GMT CKN/EG/BC Can Dog 5.5 oz
60538836694 OL ROY GMT BEEF Can Dog 5.5 oz
60538836695 OL ROY GMT BF/CKN Can Dog 5.5 oz
1901400532 IAMS CKN IN GRVY PCH Can Pouch 3 oz
1901400539 IAMS VARIETY PACK Can Cat 12 pk
1901400541 IAMS FISH V 12PK Can Cat 12 pk
1901400534 IAMS SALMON POUCH Can Pouch 3 oz
1901401333 IAMS DOG CAN BF CHNK Can Dog 13.2 oz
1901401336 IAMS DOG CAN CKN CHK Can Dog 13.2 oz
1901401319 IAMS CAT CAN TUNA Can Cat 3 oz
1901401429 IAMSCATCAN VAR FLAKE Can Cat 24 pk
1901400530 IAMS ADULT CAT BEEF Can Cat 3 oz
1901400533 IAMS ADULT CAT TRKY Can Cat 3 oz
40000837346 / 0001901400518 IAMS ADULT DOG BEEF Can Dog 5.3 oz
1901400520 IAMS ADULT DOG CHKN Can Dog 5.3 oz
1901400522 IAMS ADULT DOG L&R Can Dog 5.3 oz
1901400526 IAMS DOG VARIETY PCH Can Dog 63 oz
1901401316 IAMS CAT CAN CKN SLC Can Dog 3 oz
1901401978 IAMS INDR WGH CTL HB Can Dog 4 lb
1901401979 IAMS ADULT ORIGINAL Can Dog 4 lb
1901400516 HI 5.3OZ IAMSSB PUPY Dog Can 5.3 oz
1901400518 HI 5.3OZ IAMSSBDGBEF Dog Can 5.3 oz
1901400523 HI 5.3OZ.IAMSSBWTCTL Dog Can 5.3 oz
1901401316 HI IAMSCATCAN CKNSLC Cat Can 3.0 oz
1901401319 HI IAMSCAT CAN TUNA Cat Can 3.0 oz
1901401333 HI IAMSDOG CAN BCHNK Dog Can 13.2 oz
1901401336 HI IAMSDOG CANCKNCHK Dog Can 13.2 oz
1901401429 HI IAMSCAT OWFSALMON Cat Can 24/ 3 oz
1901400532 AK IAMS ADLT CAT CKN Cat Pouch 3 oz
1901400539 AK IAMS CAT VARIETY Can Cat 36 oz
1901400534 AK IAMS CAT SALMON Cat Pouch 3 oz
1901400541 AK IAMS FISH VRTY PK Can Cat  
1901401319 AK IAMS CATCAN T&OFW Can Cat 3 oz
1901401333 AK IAMS CAN DOG B&V Can Dog  
1901401336 AK IAMS CAN DOG CHKN Can Dog  
1901401429 AK IAMS CAT CAN VAR Can Cat 24 pk
1901401316 AK IAMS CAN CHKN SLC Can Cat 3 oz
7874234501 Ol Roy Peanut Butter Biscuit Treat 5 LB
68113192197 Ol Roy Puppy Biscuit Treat 28.8 oz
1234406114 Natural Life Lamb Rice Canned Dog Food Can 13.2 oz
1234401114 Natural Life Chicken Puppy Dog Food Can 13.2 oz