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Wal-Mart Asks: Why Are You Really Buying That Chocolate Bunny?

Study shows Easter is a time for sweet self-indulgence

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – March 29, 2007 – With Easter only weeks away and an abundance of tasty treats to choose from, Wal-Mart Stores today released information sharing that nearly half of all consumers are buying the sweet stuff for themselves!  Based on a 2006 survey of more than 6,300 participants, that number increases if you are between the ages of 18-34 or age 55 and above*. 

The study concluded that the most popular reason consumers are purchasing Easter candy is to create an Easter basket. Eating Easter sweets yourself placed second on the survey while filling your home candy dish ran third. Purchasing Easter candy to coordinate an Easter egg hunt took the fourth place spot while candy for Easter gifts and work treats followed respectively.

“There is something irresistible about Easter candy selections,” said Paul Ley, Wal-Mart vice president of the candy division.  “From traditional to organic, decadent to sugar-free, there are treats to tempt everyone – and always something new and fun that you can only enjoy during this time of the year!”

Many Easter candy offerings are seasonal and are only made available during the weeks leading up to the holiday.  Some nostalgic offerings such as Marshmallow PEEPS and Cadbury Crème Eggs are known as traditional Easter-time selections that consumers can only enjoy this time of year. New items to hit the shelves for Easter include Hershey’s Vanilla Crème Kisses and Hershey’s Coconut Crème Kisses, Spring Selection M&M’s and Whitman’s Organic Milk Chocolate Eggs. 

Easter candy selections are popular with Wal-Mart customers no matter what the reason is for their purchase.  Wal-Mart customers buy enough Reese’s and Cadbury Crème eggs during the Easter season that, if you laid them end-to-end, they would stretch 3,000 miles.  Marshmallow PEEPS chicks alone are such a traditional Easter treat that, if you lined them beak-to-tail, the number that Wal-Mart shoppers purchase would reach from New York City to Los Angeles. 

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*2006 BIGresearch survey provided by Hershey’s

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