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The Hunt Is On! Wal-Mart Offers Easter Basket "Theme" Trends to Bring Egg-citement for All Ages

Majority of consumers – a whopping 95% – prefer to create their own baskets

BENTONVILLE, Ark., March 26, 2007 – Add to the shopping list pastel eggs, blue grass, new toys, candies, a new DVD, a new basket, chocolates, PEEPS®, and a bunny full of PEZ®.   Easter is the second busiest candy and toy season next to Christmas, and now parents – with two weeks left – are scanning the shelves to discover a whole new level of “personalization” in Easter baskets. 

This season also offers new values and time savers to help shorten “the hunt” ahead of time. Since ninety-five percent of Americans who celebrate Easter still prefer to create their own Easter baskets,* Wal-Mart merchants have stepped up to offer a few money-saving ideas on how to create just the right basket with a “theme” to remember Easter morning – basket ideas starting at $15!

“This week begins the launch of new toys and movies just in time for Easter, and we have arranged our assortments to help parents and grandparents easily put together a great basket idea,” said DeDe Priest, Wal-Mart senior vice president and general merchandise manager, Food Division.  “Pre-filled eggs save time and today have their own themes.  Even the wide varieties in Easter grass can help add a creative touch.  This year the personality can definitely shine through for any age.” 
•    The Little Hero:  This year’s hottest superhero is Spider-Man, and shoppers can find Spidy-themed eggs, baskets, even red and blue grass!  Spider-Man and other character themed baskets are light weight for the Easter egg hunt. This year’s coolest Spider-Man 3 toy, the new Spider-Man Deluxe Spinning Web Blaster, enables kids to shoot an actual web. Introduced this week, it completes this hero basket theme.
•    The Little Princess: Think Disney® princess eggs, a whimsical crown and staff, a pinwheel and fuzzy bunny ears.  Dainty chocolates on iridescent grass in a pink princess-themed basket or “tutu” basket can make a magical morning for any little dancing princess.
•    The Groovy Girl’s basket: For the tween girl who may feel too old for toys, parents can still make Easter morning fun with pre-filled “Groovy Girl,” metallic-colored or pink camouflage eggs.  Add a music CD, bath and fashion accessories, and complete the look with a stylish, little AM/FM radio (comes inside a clear plastic egg), available for under $4. 
•    The Animal Lover: Almost all kids love animals, and a “down on the farm” themed basket can include pre-filled animal and “critter” eggs with new Frankford chocolate cows, pigs and bunnies with multi-color PEEPS.  Shonfeld’s offers a real “firefly jar” at Wal-Mart filled with gourmet candies to make any child’s smile light up.  Wal-Mart will offer a plush animal with its Charlotte’s Web DVD pack that hits stores April 3.  Parents can keep the theme rolling with the egg-hunt by adding to the lawn the Wonka Egg-Hunt Hideable Critters of chicks, ducks and bunnies that contain a candy surprise.
•    The Sports Fan: For girls and boys and dads who love their sports, score big points with pre-filled eggs shaped like footballs, soccer balls and baseballs – even car racing themes – in a sporty soccer ball, baseball or basketball shaped basket.  With spring upon us, outdoor sports toys and water canteens are an easy find.  Add a sports-themed video game or DVD for an older child.
•    Living Smarter Basket: Whether for an older child, adult or for parents who just want a healthier alternative, this year offers plenty of “sweet tooth” fun with Hershey’s sugar-free candies or a variety of yogurt covered raisins.  For an older someone who is keeping to that resolution to live better, a special twist with fruit flavored bottled water, a pedometer – even sustainable grass – can celebrate and encourage healthy living in a unique way.

“Parents see us as a one-stop shop for Easter celebrations, since everything you need is only a few steps away at Wal-Mart,” said Priest.  “Our goal is to provide both money-saving and time-saving solutions, so that shoppers can enjoy family time and memories outside the store this holiday.”

And what Easter memory would not be complete without PEEPS, which always make a special appearance this time of year!   Wal-Mart customers are anticipated to buy enough individual Marshmallow PEEPS chicks this Easter that, if lined beak-to-tail, they would reach from New York City to Los Angeles!

* Study taken in 2006 provide by the Hershey Company.

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