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Wal-Mart Statement Concerning 18Seconds Coalition

“Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is proud to be a member of the 18Seconds movement. We support the goal of making ENERGY STAR labeled compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) the bulb of choice for America, as a means to save money, promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to provide our customers with better choices for their homes and businesses, and we see CFLs as an important step toward energy efficiency. Each bulb has the power to save our customers as much as $30 in home electricity costs, easily making back the cost of the bulb in less than six months. When consumers can save money and feel good about the environmental impact their purchases are having, the lasting effects are profound.
“In November, Wal-Mart announced an aggressive goal to sell 100 million CFLs by 2008. By increasing the product mix, raising ENERGY STAR labeled CFLs to eye level, adding 40 percent more CFL shelf space, and setting up educational displays in the aisles, we are on our way to reaching that goal. Recently we also began offering CFLs on our website, www.walmart.com, making these highly efficient bulbs even more accessible for our customers. Wal-Mart’s participation in the 18Seconds movement is an extension our ongoing campaign to raise awareness about energy efficiency with our customers and associates.
“The 18Seconds movement is about bringing together diverse groups from Hollywood to corporate America, government entities to non-profit groups, to elevate the issue of energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR labeled CFLs. One component of the campaign is a Web site – www.18Seconds.org – designed to inspire individuals to purchase bulbs and track the daily sales progress online. In addition to the number of bulbs sold, the site also shows the equivalent dollar, energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings of CFLs bought across the country. This is important for Americans to see how much they are saving on their electric bills and the environmental impact their purchases are having. We are one of many retailers contributing data to this important site and look forward to seeing the data accuracy improve as more retailers sign on.
“Despite a growing interest in CFLs nationwide, there are still barriers to adoption in this country, including end of life issues. Wal-Mart is actively working with partners including the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste to find mercury and recycling solutions. We look forward to a continued partnership that leads to real answers.
“The reality is individuals can make a difference, starting with energy conservation, and the 18Seconds campaign shows how an act as simple as changing a light bulb can change everything. We at Wal-Mart are excited to see this movement come alive in America’s homes and businesses.”