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Does Your State "Show The Love" For Valentines Day? Wal-Mart Sales Rank The Romance

Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia score high on “Woo Factor”

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Feb. 9, 2007 – Wal-Mart Stores today unveiled a list of the most romantic states as determined by customer data supporting key categories for Valentine’s Day, possibly indicating that “love is in the air” in some regions and may need a “jump start” in others.  According to sales data from last year for diamond jewelry, boxed chocolates and roses, consumers in specific states rank higher at showing their affection on Feb. 14, while the same information positions a few areas in need of more romance!

More than 127 million customers walk through Wal-Mart Stores every week, uniquely positioning the retailer to provide insight into the trends of mainstream America through shopping patterns and buying data.  A look at sales from the previous year in categories traditionally key to Valentine’s Day, allow the retailer to rank states according to these purchases and share regional tendencies for romance.

Diamond jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift whether in a ring, pendant or bracelet and Wal-Mart customers in Hawaii, Florida and Mississippi won more hearts with diamonds than any other states.  Those states needing to add more sparkle to their Valentine’s Day gift-giving are North Dakota, Iowa and Vermont.

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand and consumers around the country traditionally share this rich confection with their sweethearts.  Boxed chocolates were a Valentine’s Day gift of choice in Mississippi, Louisiana and North Carolina.  Consumers in Illinois, Wisconsin and Hawaii had a less sweet holiday.

A bouquet of a dozen roses is an ultimate expression of love for Valentine’s Day and perfect in a variety of hues.  While primarily available at Wal-Mart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets around the country everyday, all Wal-Mart stores will have dozen roses for Valentine’s Day.  Customers in New Mexico, Utah and Alabama showed their passionate sides most by purchasing these velvety blooms for Valentines Day.  States that doted least with roses include Connecticut, New Jersey and Vermont.

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